Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications 8.02 Review [WIMES] 8.02 What changes are required to cater for chemical dosing equipment built offsite using MMC/DfMa during AMP 7?

03 November 2020

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

Closing: 2pm -3.30pm

Who should attend: Representatives of water companies responsible for specifying chemical dosing equipment.

Agenda: Discuss the changes to WIMES 8.02 needed to cater for chemical dosing equipment built off-site using MMC/DfMa during AMP 7. The focus will be on Phosphate removal, alkalinity control and septicity control schemes for wastewater treatment and plumbosolvency reduction schemes for water treatment

Outcome: A list of proposed amendments to WIMES 8.02, which will be further discussed/refined with dosing equipment suppliers in Webinar 2.

If you’re interested in joining please email Fareita Udoh.