Unlocking the Future of Construction Decision-Making Workshop

21 March 2024 , Webinar Add to calendar

Join us for an exclusive workshop introducing new software developed by The Offsite Guide, designed to revolutionise decision-making in the construction industry. This workshop is targeted for architects, designers, offsite manufacturers, property developers, and local authority planning departments seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) effortlessly.


What’s the Workshop About?

This workshop aims to gather insights and feedback on the software proposal, potential improvements & applicability, with the aim of supporting our bid for grant and private funding.

Agenda Highlights:

– Introduction: Who are The Offsite Guide?

– Presentation: Get acquainted with ‘The Offsite Guide Tool’ and its purpose. Review the proposed features, decision-making process & sample reports.

– Group Discussion: Share initial thoughts, identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

– Feedback Session: Contribute your insights and recommendations for further enhancements.

– Post-Workshop: Industry Impact Report summary creation and submission for funding bid.

Why Attend?

– Gain early access to a groundbreaking Software Tool.

– Influence its development to better suit your needs.

– Network with industry peers and experts.

– Make a tangible impact on the future of construction.


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