Take part in our ‘Smart Buildings’ Dragons Den event

04 July 2019 , The University of Birmingham, Conference Room, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2SQ


We are looking for new ideas and solutions to help us build the next generation ‘smart building’.


This year has been an extraordinary one for the University of Birmingham and we have witnessed one of the most ambitious redevelopments of our campus in a generation. (For more information click here).

Through our extensive investments in student and research facilities we are developing inspiring spaces that continue to meet the needs of our students and academics, fostering a spirit of intellectual enquiry, creativity and innovation.

That said the way future students interact and derive value from our University is changing.

By 2026, the students enrolling at the University of Birmingham will be younger than the iPhone and these will be students that have never experienced a world without technology and its constant connectivity to Wifi or 4G. Their experience and interactions will be much more digital and technology dependant and the built-environment has a vital role to play in fulfilling their future needs and expectations.

 So what might our buildings look like in 2026 and how do we create a ‘truly smart building’?

We want to hear from you if you have an idea or a solution that could help us deliver the ‘smart building’ of the future.

We’re particularly interested in:

  • Developing our buildings and campus as a learning tool
  • Sustainable methods of construction
  • Improving building performance and operational efficiency
  • Enhancing user comfort
  • Creating a seamless experience for ultra-convenience
  • Digital technologies that could enhance the teaching and learning experience

This is intended to be an engaging and interactive workshop designed to showcase either, planned or current, cutting edge innovation through a ‘Dragon’s Den Styled Pitch’.

The dragons will include representatives from the University of Birmingham together with Buildoffsite, sponsors Willmott Dixon and (other Higher Education leaders tbc).

If you are a member of Buildoffsite and you want to submit your interest, please register here and write a short summary for your idea (maximum 200 words) to arli@contacts.bham.ac.uk.



4 July 2019


2pm – 5pm


The University of Birmingham – ARLI


The University of Birmingham, Conference Room, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2SQ

Future opportunities for ‘smart’ innovation

3 Centenary Square

Birmingham Life Sciences Park

School of Engineering

Molecular Sciences Building

Teaching and Learning Centre