Construction Playbook: an Offsite Response

20 July 2021 Add to calendar


This is a virtual training session – please register for free below and you will receive further instructions on how to join.

The Construction Playbook, published at the end of 2020, outlines how most public sector construction procurement is going to be carried out in the coming years. It contains a lot of guidance, with focus upon safety, MMC, and whole life cost and carbon optimisation. It also stresses the needs for healthy competition and resilience in supplier organisations.

Buildoffsite produced a response to the Playbook, and in this lunchtime webinar Nigel Fraser will discuss how offsite suppliers can benefit from the Playbook whilst also challenging the sector to evolve to make the most of the opportunities for both suppliers and clients.

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Learn how the policies set out in the Playbook should generate more opportunities for offsite & MMC
  • Understand how your organisation and the wider offsite sector can respond to the challenges set out in the Playbook
  • Think about what changes you may need to implement in your organisation to maximise the opportunities the Playbook presents

This webinar is aimed at anyone working in the Offsite sector who wants to understand what the Construction Playbook means for them.

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