Making overbuild economics work, panel discussion

16 July 2020 Add to calendar

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide

10.30am – 11.30am

This Buildoffsite Transport Hub invites you to join its webinar on understanding of the cost drivers for overbuild projects. It will cover both theoretical and real examples and suggest how infrastructure overbuild could contribute to the post Covid-19 recovery.

Three short presentations will be followed by our customary Q&A session with the presenters.

  • Bill Price, WSP, will present on learning related to the creation of sites, including the the foundations, containment and deck aspects.
  • Bernard Williams, IFPI, will focus upon how development density makes an impact and the advantages of using offsite solutions, using the latest version of the Comparator tool.
  • Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite, will summarise the combined picture and consider how transport network owners, along with local and central government could make more sites economically viable.

WSP have demonstrated how 250,000 residential units could be developed in London alone. Join this webinar to get a feel for the costs involved in building over infrastructure and how development scale has an impact.