Future Water Association Developer Services (supported event)

11 June 2024 , London Add to calendar

The UK Developer Services Event with a Water Focus, presented in collaboration with CIRIA, BUILDOFFSITE, and Future Water, aims to convene professionals from the development and water industries. The event seeks to facilitate discussions on challenges, innovations, and opportunities in water management within urban development contexts. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and explore the latest technologies and strategies for sustainable water resource management in urban environments.


Outline Agenda:

Opening Session

Introduction to the event and overview of the agenda, presented by representatives from CIRIA, BUILDOFFSITE, and Future Water.

Keynote Address

Prominent speaker discussing the imperative of integrating water management into urban development projects.

Panel Discussion: Challenges and Solutions in Water Management

Experts from the water industry, urban development sector, and academia share insights on common challenges and innovative solutions.

Case Studies: Successful Integration of Water Management

Presentations highlighting successful projects and initiatives that have effectively integrated water management into development plans.

Networking Break and Technology Showcase

Opportunity for attendees to network, visit sponsor booths, and engage with exhibitors showcasing water-related technologies and services, presented by technology providers collaborating with BUILDOFFSITE.


Workshop Sessions: Focused Discussions

Breakout sessions focusing on specific topics such as rainwater harvesting, green infrastructure, flood management, and water-efficient design, in collaboration with CIRIA.

Policy and Regulatory Update

Discussion on current regulations, policies, and initiatives impacting water management practices in development projects, featuring insights from Future Water.

Closing Remarks and Future Collaborations

Summary of key takeaways from the event, announcement of future initiatives, and collaborations in the field of water-focused development services, presented by representatives from CIRIA, BUILDOFFSITE, and Future Water.

Invited Attendees:

Developers and Urban Planners

Water Engineers and Consultants

Government Officials

Environmental NGOs

Water Utility Companies

Academics and Researchers

Technology Providers

Construction and Infrastructure Firms

Architects and Landscape Designers

Community Stakeholders

Collaborating Partners:

CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association)


Future Water

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