Digital Hub meeting

27 August 2019 , Buildoffsite, CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, London EC1A 9PN Add to calendar

Tuesday 27 August 2019

2pm – 4.30pm

Followed by networking drinks sponsored by Willmott Dixon


Following on from the last digital hub meeting on 18th June, we now have a clearer vision for what the hub will aim to achieve over the coming twelve months.

The next Digital Hub meeting will take place on 27thAugust at CIRIA offices in London from 2pm – 4.30pm. The format for this meeting will be three 15/20 minute presentations with all having a 15/20 minute Q&A session straight after. The presentations will aim to highlight either best practice or working examples of how a digital strategy / workflow can create value. The Q&A sessions will be an opportunity to stimulate debate around the following areas;

  • Wider implementation of Digital Delivery / BIM
  • How to get data from architecture and design into production
  • Standardisation
  • Any barriers that potentially require lobbying to Government
  • Procurement barriers
  • Early engagement
  • Member challenges
  • Skills

Speakers to include:

Ben Robinson, Hawkins Brown, Digital Designer – how they used digital tools on their project – forward thinking software – digital technology

  • The design and setting out process of the 8million dots across the façade. And how we were able to issue exact information to the subcontractor so they could print the frit directly using our information.
  • The design and fabrication process of the WikiHouse units. How we worked with Architecture 00 to produce a fully parametric design and fabrication model. So were able to manipulate the central spreadsheet which would live update the design files and every single cutting file for the CNC. Which meant we could produce a full set of construction drawings with a single mouse click. Il also go over how the DfMA was the fundamental driver from the project from day 1 which allowed us to really develop this software solution to deliver it.
  • Quick fire overview of some other related work.

Andrew Bellerby, Solibri, Managing Director

Laing O Rourke had a desire and a need to automate and improve their Quality Control procedures for checking their 3D design and production models before they go into manufacturing at their DfMA factory in Steetley.

They were able to customise and develop the rulesets within Solibri Office (Model Checker) to automate many of their checks previously done manually to eradicate any potential human error before casting takes place.

Learn how they have improved their design to manufacture to assemble process by reducing errors and rejections in the factory

Lorraine McMorrow, McAvoy, BIM & Digital Construction Manager

  • McAvoy Group digital journey overview
  • Project case study to outline BIM and Digital Construction process and application, highlighting the pros and cons
  • What McAvoy have learned about digital and areas our business would like the digital hub to focus on

We will be looking for relevant member engagement at these events as one of the deliverables that the hub would like to achieve is to review any problems that members have and try to look at potential solutions. We will also be looking for expressions of interest for future presentation opportunities at Digital Hub events.

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