Design Hub meeting

06 December 2019 , John Henry Brookes Building, Room JHB128 (executive suite), Headington Rd, Oxford, OX3 0BP Add to calendar

Following Oxford Brookes University’s inclusion of offsite in the diploma course for the first time, Buildoffsite’s next DesignOffsite Group meeting will include discussions with the head Matt Gaskin on how to support their recent initiative, an offsite building visit etc.


11.00 -12.30 – Buildoffsite Design Hub meeting

  1. Promoting the Design Hub to increase membership by architectural practices of Buildoffsite (for discussion)
  2. Report on progress with organisational re-structuring of Buildoffsite into Design/Procurement/Manufacture/Assembly hubs (NM, SK)
  3. Report on progress with improving the website (SK)
  4. Update on CITB-funded training programme for designers (NO)
  5. Client engagement programme (refer to previous minutes*)
  6. Engagement with manufacturers (for discussion)
  7. Activities for 2020 (for discussion)

12.30 – Lunch meeting with OB staff/tutors

Discussion around the course and what all members see as lacking in the education and their general need

14.30 – Optional building visit (TBC)

Parking on site is very limited so the nearest car park is Thornhill Park & Ride.