Designing for overbuild, creating sites & efficient building

21 May 2020

2pm – 3pm

In the second of our series of webinars on Buildoffsite’s recently published Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide, developed from earlier research which identified the potential to build a quarter of a million homes above railway lines in London, we covered 2 topics followed by an interactive Q&A session:

  • Engineering the deck: Peter McMahon from WSP discussed the design and construction issues involved in providing a structural deck as the platform for overbuild development of a site.
  • Overbuild delivery systems: Nick Hacking from Sheppard Robson presented how we may effectively realise building development above the rail land, with consideration of the typically constrained urban conditions, efficient means to integrate structural ‘box’ and the exploitation of offsite construction methods as key to unlock the sites.

This was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the presenters chaired by Nigel Fraser.

What did participants get out of this?

  • Gain insight onto the practicalities of creating sites above railways.
  • Understand how different approaches to design can have a significant impact on viability.
  • Get a feel for how to approach putting buildings on decks over cuttings and stations.
  • See how offsite approaches are beneficial.

Video Recording

Q&A transcript