BOPAS Briefing

23 October 2020


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The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This breakfast briefing will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

Agenda will include:

  •  An intro to why BOPAS was created
  • Drivers and challenges
  • How BOPAS is responding
  • Growth in the sector
  • Brief overview of the LR and BLP processes
  • New offerings such as BIM assessment, LCC, Embodied carbon
  • Examples of what the sector is producing
  • Virtual certificate presentation

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