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Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications 8.02 Review [WIMES] 8.02 What changes are required to cater for chemical dosing equipment built offsite using MMC/DfMa during AMP 7?

03 November 2020

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

Closing: 2pm -3.30pm

Who should attend: Representatives of water companies responsible for specifying chemical dosing equipment.

Agenda: Discuss the changes to WIMES 8.02 needed to cater for chemical dosing equipment built off-site using MMC/DfMa during AMP 7. The focus will be on Phosphate removal, alkalinity control and septicity control schemes for wastewater treatment and plumbosolvency reduction schemes for water treatment

Outcome: A list of proposed amendments to WIMES 8.02, which will be further discussed/refined with dosing equipment suppliers in Webinar 2.

If you’re interested in joining please email Fareita Udoh.

COVID-19 Focus for Clients & Cost Consultants

28 October 2020


In this webinar we shall consider aspects of demand and how the offsite sector may respond to this:

  • What types of projects are coming to market?
  • What types of spaces are required?
  • How quickly are they needed?
  • How much pressure is there on reducing costs right now?

Infrastructure, homes and work environments will be discussed.  Ways in which the offsite sector may respond to this will be debated in the context of the Restart, Reset & Reinvent timeframes.

Part of Buildoffsite’s series of 4 webinars to follow through on its response to the CLC’s roadmap for recovery from the current pandemic. These will be focused upon different stakeholders’ perspectives, but we welcome all members and supporters to join in. They will take the form of a panel discussion followed by an open Q&A session. Our objective is to add substance to how the offsite sector may help the construction sector recover and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. Expect the discussions to be challenging and thought-provoking, yet constructive for businesses taking part.

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BOPAS Briefing

23 October 2020


Join Buildoffsite, BLP & Lloyd’s Register and find out more about the latest news and updates on BOPAS.

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This breakfast briefing will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

Agenda will include:

  •  An intro to why BOPAS was created
  • Drivers and challenges
  • How BOPAS is responding
  • Growth in the sector
  • Brief overview of the LR and BLP processes
  • New offerings such as BIM assessment, LCC, Embodied carbon
  • Examples of what the sector is producing
  • Virtual certificate presentation

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COVID-19 Focus for Project Managers & Contractors

21 October 2020


Project managers and contractors have immediate and costly challenges to resolve.

  • How can delays be recovered and can offsite help here?
  • How will the combined impact of Brexit and COVID-19 social distancing impact the workforce in 2021?
  • What do they need the offsite sector to deliver for them?
  • How can they help the offsite sector do what they need to be done?

Part of Buildoffsite’s series of 4 webinars to follow through on its response to the CLC’s roadmap for recovery from the current pandemic. These will be focused upon different stakeholders’ perspectives, but we welcome all members and supporters to join in. They will take the form of a panel discussion followed by an open Q&A session. Our objective is to add substance to how the offsite sector may help the construction sector recover and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. Expect the discussions to be challenging and thought-provoking, yet constructive for businesses taking part.

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COVID-19 Focus for Architects & Engineers 

07 October 2020


Here we will look at what designers need from the offsite community in order to be able to exploit the benefits of offsite effectively whilst not onerously restricting the ability to design stimulating buildings that designers would be proud of. Similarly, we shall ask the question:

What can designers do to embrace more offsite construction? 

This will be considered in the context of the Restart, Reset & Reinvent timeframes.

Part of Buildoffsite’s series of 4 webinars to follow through on its response to the CLC’s roadmap for recovery from the current pandemic. These will be focused upon different stakeholders’ perspectives, but we welcome all members and supporters to join in. They will take the form of a panel discussion followed by an open Q&A session. Our objective is to add substance to how the offsite sector may help the construction sector recover and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. Expect the discussions to be challenging and thought-provoking, yet constructive for businesses taking part.

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Digital Construction on a Shoestring

23 September 2020

10.30am – 11.30am

Join this session to understand the potential for improving your operations with low cost and off the shelf digital technologies such as sensors and cameras.

We will show how simple technologies can be combined to provide practical digital solutions to specific industry challenges, giving examples of successful pilot solutions developed for manufacturing businesses. The session will include videos of working demonstrators and industrial pilots and the workshop delivery team from Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing will outline a simple building block approach to delivering practical digital solutions for small manufacturing companies.

The virtual workshop will help companies specify a low cost digital solution to help improve performance in a chosen priority area.

Companies taking part may choose to engage further with IfM to develop pilot solutions.

Why attend?

  • Build awareness of low cost digital solutions for manufacturing
  • Reflect on business priorities
  • Identify potential digital solutions to help address these priorities
  • Outline a priority digital solution for your individual business

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Follow up webinar: Designing out waste Adopting Offsite to become Carbon Neutral

01 September 2020

Following on from our first webinar in June Buildoffsite will be looking at how offsite over the years has always been geared towards becoming carbon neutral; and how design is crucial to delivering carbon neutral developments in infrastructure. 

Tim Broyd, Buildoffsite and Lara Young, Costain will be running this engaging webinar with real examples of design and delivery in the UK and worldwide.

Agenda will include the following items:

  • Design for reuse and recovery
  • Design for offsite construction
  • Design for material optimisation
  • Waste efficient procurement
  • Design for deconstruction and flexibility

The webinar will have two sessions with a detailed Q&A session at the end with Tim and Lara on the panel.

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Catalyst for change – collaborating for recovery

23 July 2020

Keith Waller, Programme Director for the Construction Innovation Hub, will discuss the role of the Hub in transforming the UK construction sector, and how through collaboration the sector will be able to deliver greater impact within the ‘new normal’.


Sector recovery represents a critical opportunity to reset the direction of travel for construction. Instead of seeking a way back to business as usual, industry must strive towards new and better ways of doing things. This perspective is deep-seated for the Construction Innovation Hub, who have accelerated key areas of their industry transformation programme in recent weeks to support the sector’s move towards a more productive and resilient future.Programme Director of the Construction Innovation Hub, Keith Waller alongside Tim Broyd and Jamie Parr of Buildoffsite will share insights on the steps to a robust industry recovery and the opportunities for the offsite sector. Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear the Government perspective from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).As industry collaboration is more vital than ever, Keith will highlight how the Hub drives cross-sector dialogue with its network of key stakeholders and will outline the Hub’s range of innovative initiatives, across the four core themes of its programme: Value, Manufacturing, Assurance and Digital.

Why attend

  • Gain insight into the Hub and its role in sector recovery
  • Understand how you/your organisation can get involved with the Hub
  • Hear first-hand how Government will continue to support the recovery and reinvention of the construction sector
  • Learn how the increased adoption of offsite will speed the growth of projects within the sector
  • Understand how academia and research will assist the reinvention of the industry through innovation and collaboration
  • Identify opportunities for future collaborative activity
  • Participate in a Q&A session

Who should attend

Those working within all aspects of the construction sector including clients, designers, specifiers, contractors and manufacturers.


Thursday 23 July 2020
11:00 – 12:30


We recommend you join the webinar ten minutes before the scheduled start time.

11:00 Welcome and introduction – Professor Tim Broyd, Head of Industry Foresight at Buildoffsite, Professor of Built Environment Foresight, UCL

11:05 How BEIS will support the industry to reset, restart and reinvent – Stuart Young, Stakeholder Engagement/Management, Hackitt Review, Housing and Regeneration Construction Unit, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

11:15 Construction Innovation Hub – collaborating for recovery – Keith Waller, Programme Director, Construction Innovation Hub

11:35 How the offsite sector can continue to deliver projects successfully in the ‘new normal’ – Jamie Parr, Projects and Research Lead, Buildoffsite

11:50 The role of academia and research to support the sector – Professor Tim Broyd

12:00 Interactive discussion and Q&A

12:20 Closing remarks


Please register via this link.


Registration fee – £35 + VAT

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If you are experiencing issues registering for this event online please contact us on
020 7549 3300  or email enquiries@ciria.org.

Terms and Conditions Click here for details of our terms and conditions that will apply. This webinar is delivered in association with CIRIA. By registering for this webinar, you consent to your personal data being gathered and shared between CIRIA and Buildoffsite in accordance with CIRIA’s privacy policy.


Making overbuild economics work, panel discussion

16 July 2020

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide

10.30am – 11.30am

This Buildoffsite Transport Hub invites you to join its webinar on understanding of the cost drivers for overbuild projects. It will cover both theoretical and real examples and suggest how infrastructure overbuild could contribute to the post Covid-19 recovery.

Three short presentations will be followed by our customary Q&A session with the presenters.

  • Bill Price, WSP, will present on learning related to the creation of sites, including the the foundations, containment and deck aspects.
  • Bernard Williams, IFPI, will focus upon how development density makes an impact and the advantages of using offsite solutions, using the latest version of the Comparator tool.
  • Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite, will summarise the combined picture and consider how transport network owners, along with local and central government could make more sites economically viable.

WSP have demonstrated how 250,000 residential units could be developed in London alone. Join this webinar to get a feel for the costs involved in building over infrastructure and how development scale has an impact.


Construction Quality Planning Workshop by CIH

07 - 08 July 2020

*Please note this is a member only event*

CIH will deliver two workshops for Buildoffsite members, focused on the offsite sector that will provide a much deeper dive into CQP, its development and potential applications. More information can be found below:

What will the session offer?

The implementation of CQP would mark an industry-wide shift to a focus on quality assurance and defect prevention.  This interactive session will introduce the concept of Construction Quality Planning and provide you with an understanding of the CQP process, roles and responsibilities and approval times, ahead of the industry-wide publication.


Please note these sessions are being delivered digitally. We have split the workshop in to two sessions and ask for attendance to both sessions. Joining instructions and further details will be sent by CIH.

Session One – 07 July


  • Introductions & session objectives
  • Overview of the Construction Innovation Hub
  • Quality landscape
  • The 5 phases of Construction Quality Planning
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Discussion, questions and feedback

Session 2 – 08 July


  • The pillars of zero defects
  • Interactive workshop on applications of CQP
  • Feedback and Questions

For more information and The Construction Quality Planning Guide please click here.

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How to approach risk if new to the rail sector

02 July 2020

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide

10.30am – 11.30am

Building above operational infrastructure can be challenging in a number of ways. One is the obvious requirement to carry out projects safely. Another is to do so without impacting the rail operations. Risk management is central to achieving both of these requirements, as well as being a cornerstone of good project management.  In the context of the rail sector, the network and train operators have well-developed processes in place to address this.

Patrick Hayes of Meinhardt will lead us through this topic on the 2nd of July with a focus on overbuild considerations. Mark Lahiff, will provide some insight on how risk was managed on the Royal Mint Gardens project and the panel discussion will also include representatives from Network Rail & WSP.

It should be an invaluable introduction for companies interested in getting involved with projects in the rail sector.


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Can offsite be the route to carbon zero construction projects?

25 June 2020

The construction industry is the biggest contributor to the high level of emissions the UK emits. Buildoffsite looked at how the construction industry is affecting climate change, and how turning to offsite construction could be a step towards a more environmentally-friendly sector.

Government and industry strategy states that within the next five years both construction-related emissions and project delivery times must be halved. This is an ambitious target and Buildoffsite aims to demonstrate how changes in offsite delivery can meet and exceed set targets.

Lara Young, the Group Carbon Manager for Costain, led the first of the series on how offsite can help curb UK Carbon emissions across all construction projects; from simplistic changes to everyday practices. This provided insight into how alternative materials can have a much bigger impact on reducing emissions and meeting UK Government targets.

About Lara

As Costain’s Group carbon manager, Lara’s role encompasses challenging existing business models and processes to guarantee carbon management through to ensuing climate change mitigation and sustainability are designed and integrated into infrastructure at all lifecycle stages – from conception and design, to delivery, operation, and disposal. The biology graduate, who later went on to complete a MBA, joined Costain in 2015 having identified the infrastructure market as one in which she could make the biggest positive impact.

Lara is proud to work for a company that shares the same passion as her for reducing the impact on our planet and society that will shape the future infrastructure landscape. She shares the view that incorporating carbon management and focusing on reducing an asset’s carbon footprint across its whole lifecycle is crucial to tackling the climate change emergency.

Webinar Recording

Q&A transcript

Delivering an overbuild project with some innovation

18 June 2020

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide


Just doing things the way we always have is unlikely to maximise the opportunities that this sector offers. The offsite construction community tends to be quite innovative. This webinar provided both an overview of some of their recent innovations relevant to this context. It also included four short briefings on specific aspects that help:

  • Reduce the number of expensive infrastructure processions
  • Ensure that the structure has a very long, low maintenance service life
  • Offer enhanced fire protection
  • Manage accelerated project delivery

Presentations will included:

– Overcoming overbuild project management challenges – Daniel Richards, Mace

– Innovations for overbuild – overview,  Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite

– A new approach to project management, Ali Mafi, Lean Thinking

– Fire-proof SIPS, Joanne Booth, Lucideon

– Products for low carbon whole life resilience, Graeme Jones, C-Probe Group

This will be followed by a panel Q&A session for the audience to participate.


Video Recording

Q&A transcript

Methodology for Quantifying the Benefits of Offsite Construction

05 June 2020

Join us at this free launch Webinar for CIRIA’s new good practice guide C792 Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite construction produced in association with the Laing O’Rourke Centre, University of Cambridge. The guide serves as a call to action to transform the way the construction industry assesses project performance, opening the door to evidence-based comparisons and data driven decisions to establish best-practice in the industry.


At present there is no industry standard methodology for assessing the benefits of off-site techniques against traditional construction practices. Most assessments are made through the client’s tender process on a case by case basis. This guide proposes a methodology to enable easy comparison between construction approaches, making it possible to keep consistent records across projects and identify all the possible benefits available.

Why attend

• Discover the key outcomes of this guide presented by the research team
• Explore how you/your company might make use of this framework
• Hear perspectives from experts including Professor Lord Robert Mair, University of Cambridge and Construction Innovation Hub’s Keith Waller
• Learn how the methodology is being applied in different sectors
• Participate in a Q&A session with academics and key industry players

Who should attend 

Those working within offsite construction including clients, designers, specifiers, contractors and others to quantify for themselves the benefits of off-site construction techniques when compared to typical construction approaches.


Friday 5th June 2020
11:00 – 12:30

We recommend you join the webinar ten minutes before the scheduled start time.


11:00 Welcome and introduction – Matt Cooper, Associate, Business and Operations Consultant, ARUP

11:05 Welcome and brief overview of CIRIA – Kieran Tully, Associate Director, CIRIA

11:10 Welcome and brief overview of the Laing O’Rourke Centre – Professor Campbell Middleton, Professor of Construction Engineering and Director, Laing O’Rourke Centre at the University of Cambridge

11:15 Presentation of the guide ‘Methodology for Quantifying the Benefits of Offsite Construction’ – Tercia Jansen van Vuuren, Research Associate, Laing O’Rourke Centre at the University of Cambridge

11:45 Perspective and case study from the transport sector – Joanne Geddes, Lead Engineering Capability Manager, Network Rail, Secondee to the Department for Transport, Transport Research Innovation Board Working Group

12:10 Q&A with panel of speakers including:

Professor Lord Robert Mair, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Research, University of Cambridge

Keith Waller, Programme Director, Construction Innovation Hub

12:30 Closing remarks

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To get the most out of this webinar, we highly recommend you download the free publication via CIRIA’s website. Simply login/create an account, add the download into your basket, checkout as normal and you will receive a download link shortly after. 

Terms and Conditions
Please note this is a jointly organised event with the Laing O’Rourke Centre, University of Cambridge.

By registering for this event your details will be shared with the Laing O’Rourke Centre, University of Cambridge for the purpose of this event and any communications regarding the event.

Personal data is gathered in accordance with Buildoffsite’s privacy policy and the University of Cambridge’s privacy policy.
Click here for details of Buildoffsite’s terms and conditions that will apply.

Commercial approaches to infrastructure overbuild

04 June 2020

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide

The session started with a summary of the key commercial aspects to be considered when setting up an overbuild project and how some major projects have been approached. This was be presented by Patrick Hayes of Meinhardt. Bill Price of WSP summarised an alternative approach taken in Paris.  We looked at the TfL and Network Rail house building targets and explained how they respond to approaches for projects. This was followed by an open Q&A session with the panel facilitated by Nigel Fraser of Buildoffsite.


Designing for overbuild, creating sites & efficient building

21 May 2020

2pm – 3pm

In the second of our series of webinars on Buildoffsite’s recently published Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide, developed from earlier research which identified the potential to build a quarter of a million homes above railway lines in London, we covered 2 topics followed by an interactive Q&A session:

  • Engineering the deck: Peter McMahon from WSP discussed the design and construction issues involved in providing a structural deck as the platform for overbuild development of a site.
  • Overbuild delivery systems: Nick Hacking from Sheppard Robson presented how we may effectively realise building development above the rail land, with consideration of the typically constrained urban conditions, efficient means to integrate structural ‘box’ and the exploitation of offsite construction methods as key to unlock the sites.

This was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the presenters chaired by Nigel Fraser.

What did participants get out of this?

  • Gain insight onto the practicalities of creating sites above railways.
  • Understand how different approaches to design can have a significant impact on viability.
  • Get a feel for how to approach putting buildings on decks over cuttings and stations.
  • See how offsite approaches are beneficial.

Video Recording

Q&A transcript

POSTPONED – Tour & Meeting at the Active Building Centre

12 May 2020 , Active Building Centre, Active Classroom, Swansea University, Bay Campus, Fabian Way, Swansea SA1 8EN

Due to current COVId-19 situation this event is postponed until further notice. In the meantime we’re currently developing our webinar programme and will be revealing more information on topics covered etc.

POSTPONED – Member to Member Meeting

25 March 2020 , Arup, 8-13 Fitzroy St, Bloomsbury, London, W1T 4BQ

Please note that due to the emerging and escalating Covid-19 Coronavirus situation, we have unfortunately decided to postpone this event until we have a clearer idea of the situation in the UK.

POSTPONED – Water Hub meeting

23 March 2020 , Welsh Water, Spooner Cl, Marshfield, Newport NP10 8FZ

Please note that due to the emerging and escalating Covid-19 Coronavirus situation, we have unfortunately decided to postpone this event until we have a clearer idea of the situation in the UK.

Workshop to progress the Common Design of the Water Industry Chemical Dosing System


09.30 – 10.00: Registrations and Refreshments

10.00 – 10.15: Introductions in the room

10.15 – 10.30: Introduction to the objective

10.30 – 11.00: Participant feedback Client – Consultant – Supply Chain

11.00-11.15: Break

11.15-12.15: Develop rules for Standard Design

12.15-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.00: Review Standard P&ID

14.00-14.30: Next steps

14.30: Close

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Buildoffsite Residential Hub Meeting

25 February 2020 , JCB VIP Visitor Centre, JCB WHQ, Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5LS

Unlocking the potential for housing Associations to deliver MMC

“Homes England has created real impetus into accelerating housing delivery in UK via offsite manufacture; Housing Associations are keen to take up the challenge; Manufacturers are keen to grown their output. So what are the key hurdles and how are they best overcome?”

Following their recent work for Homes for the North and The Housing Forum’s “MMC for Affordable Housing Developers”, BuildOffsite invited HA’s, developers and manufacturers to discuss how they make their first moves to unlock the enormous potential in this sector of the market – and how we can analyse and measure what ‘quality’ really means in the specific context of social housing.


Buildoffsite Wellingborough Prison Factory Tour hosted by Bison and Kier

13 February 2020 , Bison Precast Tetron Point William Nadin Way Swadlincote DE11 0BB


Buildoffsite Wellingborough Prison Factory Tour hosted by Bison and Kier, Thursday 13th February 2020


Kier is currently delivering a new build resettlement prison at Wellingborough after being awarded the £253m contract by the MoJ. The team is adopting a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) or ‘kit-of-parts’ approach, incorporating repeatable, standardised components and assemblies across the 13 buildings on site.

The project makes extensive use of precast concrete components, bringing together three separate precast suppliers, including Forterra’s specialist precast division, Bison.

As part of the Bison factory tour, guests will be able to see some of the components being manufactured and gain insight into the collaborative approach being adopted by the project team.

Places are limited – so please register to attend early.

Due to the sensitivity of the project, no photography will be permitted.

PPE will be required so please bring the following:

·        Boots

·        Hard hat

·        Hi vis vest / jacket

·        High vis trousers

·        Safety glasses

·        Gloves

If you do not have suitable PPE please contact info@buildoffsite.com to arrange.

Design & Digital Hub meeting followed by tour & drinks

16 January 2020 , Ideal Standard, 76-78 Clerkewell Rd, Farringdon, London, EC1M 5QA

Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm with drinks and tour provided

  • Neil Bills, Ideal Standard – Design Credentials within bathroom/washroom sectors
  • Ben Robinson, Hawkins Brown – Overview of digital design tools developed by Hawkins Brown’s computation team
  • Daniel Leech, TDS – Hong Kong International Airport: an exemplar in how investing in the digital asset creates value and certainty across the supply chain

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Rail Hub Meeting

09 December 2019 , CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN


10:00-10:15  Introductions
10:15-11:15  The Overbuild Guide – overview from Bill Price (WSP), Nigel Fraser (Buildoffsite) & chapter authors
11:15-11:30  Break
11:30-12:30  Overbuild next steps discussion – how do we facilitate the identification of project opportunities; an ideas generation and evaluation session
12:30-13:00  Break
13:00-13:30  Possible evolution of the Rail Hub into a wider Transport Hub
13:30-14:30  Proposed activity plan for 2020
14:30-15:00  AOB

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Design Hub meeting

06 December 2019 , John Henry Brookes Building, Room JHB128 (executive suite), Headington Rd, Oxford, OX3 0BP

Following Oxford Brookes University’s inclusion of offsite in the diploma course for the first time, Buildoffsite’s next DesignOffsite Group meeting will include discussions with the head Matt Gaskin on how to support their recent initiative, an offsite building visit etc.


11.00 -12.30 – Buildoffsite Design Hub meeting

  1. Promoting the Design Hub to increase membership by architectural practices of Buildoffsite (for discussion)
  2. Report on progress with organisational re-structuring of Buildoffsite into Design/Procurement/Manufacture/Assembly hubs (NM, SK)
  3. Report on progress with improving the website (SK)
  4. Update on CITB-funded training programme for designers (NO)
  5. Client engagement programme (refer to previous minutes*)
  6. Engagement with manufacturers (for discussion)
  7. Activities for 2020 (for discussion)

12.30 – Lunch meeting with OB staff/tutors

Discussion around the course and what all members see as lacking in the education and their general need

14.30 – Optional building visit (TBC)

Parking on site is very limited so the nearest car park is Thornhill Park & Ride.

Offsite Construction Show – Day 2

21 November 2019 , ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Supported by BEIS, the Department for Business  Energy and Industrial Strategy

Seminars – 21 November

Seminar 1 – 10.45 – 11.15

CLC delivering radical change


Host – Tim Carey, Buildoffsite

Jade Lewis, CLC and Saint-Gobain & Fergus Harradence, Director, BEIS

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the Construction Sector

A revolution in the making?

Set up in 2013 as a collaboration between Government and Industry the CLC is working to develop solutions to deliver the challenging industry improvement targets set out in the joint landmark report: Construction 2025 the industrial strategy for construction.

As a result of the 2018 Sector Deal with the construction industry Government has made £170 million available to support collaborative activities that will deliver substantial improvements in productivity, by increasing the use of digital technologies, expanding the understanding and adoption of offsite methods alongside increased investment in training, improving contractual and payment practices, and other urgent priorities.

For the first time in a generation Government has committed significant funds to support the industry find solutions and deliver real improvements to an industry that is critical to the future performance of UK plc, but which for too long has been held back by the debilitating impact of perennial low levels of productivity and low profitably.

The Sector Deal has created real opportunities for businesses of all size to come together and create imaginative solutions to rethink the construction process and deliver construction projects faster, cheaper, better performing, and environmentally superior as well as offering much lower levels of lifetime carbon.

Fergus will give an overview of the Sector Deal, ‘Transforming Construction’ activity and opportunities it offers the industry.

Jade will give an overview of the CLC and the work of the ’Innovation in buildings Workstream’ in removing barriers to the use of Offsite manufacturing in the residential sector.

Tim Carey

Tim is National Product Director for Willmott Dixon, with a portfolio covering design, innovation, quality, offsite and digital construction. He leads their 18-strong National Product Team, who’s focus is to identify and promote innovative methods and products that constructively challenge Willmott Dixon’s existing approaches and improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of its end product.

A Fellow of the CIOB and a Chartered Environmentalist, Tim studied at the University of Greenwich, before being subsequently awarded both an MBA and a RICS Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of Reading.

Tim is Chair of the Governing Forum of Buildoffsite, a Digital Ambassador for CADCOE, a workstream lead for the Construction Leadership Council, and an official Prince of the Nkwen tribe in Cameroon.

Jade Lewis

Jade has 23 years of experience working in various roles in the construction product sector spanning technical sales, operations, quality management, R&D, project leadership. For the last eight years, she has been working in Advocacy for Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland. As Director of Advocacy, she aims to build collaboration with the industry and government organisations to help to inform the policymaking process. Saint-Gobain’s aim in engaging with policymakers is to help drive improvement in the performance of buildings to enhance the wellbeing of the occupants and minimise the long term impact of our built environment on the planet. Jade is also active in the Construction Leadership Council’s Innovation in Buildings workstream where she supports Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland’s CEO, Mike Chaldecott who leads this work to help to drive the uptake of smart construction in the house building industry.”

Fergus Harradence

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is the Department responsible for industrial policy, and the productivity and international competitiveness of the UK economy, including the construction sector. Fergus Harradence is the Deputy Director for Construction, responsible for leading work within the Department in this area. Since joining the Civil Service In 2000, he has worked In a number of Departments In a range of economic policy roles, including trade policy, export promotion, Innovation and corporate tax. His current responsibilities Include BEIS’ policies to help Improve the performance of the construction sector, the Department’s contribution to the Government’s house building ambitions, and its relationship with the Construction Leadership Council.

Seminar 2 – 11.45 – 12.45

A productivity revolution through smart manufacturing


Host: Graham Cleland, Berkeley homes

James Smith, Majenta

Colin Dixon, Berkeley Homes

Fabien Crochetet, coBuilder

All presentations

Towards a digitally enabled Construction Industry

Currently the construction sector bears little resemblance to the manufacturing sector. Significant differences exist in terms of culture, operating philosophy, productivity, return on investment, talent development and so on.

When ‘offsite’ is used as a prefix to either “manufacturing” or “construction” people will often assume the resulting terms to mean much the same thing. In reality they mean different things. It is important to understand the demarcation between of offsite manufacturing and offsite construction. The key is that an offsite manufacturing approach facilitates predictability and repeatability and supports digitisation with an emphasis on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) as opposed to visualisation alone.

By applying the right sort of thinking we can anticipate a flexible manufacturing system methodology which can support the notion of mass-customised product (i.e. non-template/platform solutions) with what in the jargon is known as capacity for high conversion velocity. In simple terms that means the elapsed time to convert raw materials to a fully-fitted module.  These sorts of outcomes provide the rationale for making the significant investment in capital equipment and developing the necessary talent that will provide the foundation for a transformative industrialised logic for construction. This talent must understand how to create, manipulate, transform, share and capture digital information and data as a pre-requisite to realize step-change in productivity and scalability.

With input from industry experts this Seminar will explore the journey that the construction sector needs to make if it is going to match the productivity, performance and value that is now both common-place within leading manufacturing sectors and also expected by their clients and customers.

Graham Cleland

Graham Cleland is Managing Director of Berkeley Modular, a newly-formed business which will produce a volumetric modular housing solution for the Berkeley Group.

Founded in December 2016, Berkeley Modular will enable the Berkeley Group to use technologically advanced off-site manufacturing methods to produce a range of modular housing products designed to the same high specification and excellent build standards that customers demand from the Berkeley Group.

Prior to embarking on the work at Berkeley Modular, Graham amassed a wealth of experience in the construction and engineering sector in a career that spans more than three decades. Graham’s knowledge of the off-site sector has put him ahead of the curve as the industry moves towards a more technologically-driven method of construction

Prior to working at Berkeley, Graham worked as General Manager of the off-site business of NG Bailey for four years, preceded by a four-year stint with Unite Group plc as Sales and Commercial Director of Unite’s off-site manufacturing business.

James Smith

James Smith is Technical Director at Majenta Solutions, drawing on nearly 15 years of industry experience, during which time he has worked for a variety of companies ranging from SMEs to large organisations helping to improve processes and deliver software projects. With this experience, James is driving the ongoing growth of Majentas digital services division, bringing on new clients and partnerships. He is passionate about achieving further efficiencies in Automotive, Manufacturing and Construction and motivates his team constantly to strive to achieve greater digital adoption across all Industries.

Royston Young

Royston is a founding director of Design Automation Systems Ltd (DAS) with over 20 years experience of working with proprietary Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) platforms and developing platforms for both Autodesk and their own .NET platform for construction. They have worked with main contractors on large construction projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5 where they reduced the 26 man-year wall detailing process to only 8 hours. DAS also work with manufacturers in offsite sectors such as pipeline design, conservatory roof design, pre-cast concrete products, modular foundation systems and modular M&E services. DAS are currently using their expertise and KBE platform with Berkeley Modular to help streamline data workflows to create a highly flexible and efficient factory to produce offsite modules.

Fabien Crochetet

Fabien has 15 years of sales management experience within the information technology and construction industry along with a strong grasp on the UK regional market. He has worked across the value chain within the construction industry actors ranging from Owners,  financial institutions, main contractors up to the manufacturers. Before Cobuilder, he was Sales Manager in “LetsBuild“, a digital construction software company. For more than 11 years Fabien has worked for the computer technology corporation Oracle  where he was Application Sales Manager and Channel Manager within the Construction & Engineering Global Business Unit.

Seminar 3 – 13.15 – 14.15

Improving the delivery of UK infrastructure


Host: Nigel McKay, Buildoffsite

Alasdair Reisner, CECA

Steve Davy, Highways England 

Delivering UK Infrastructure – Opportunities for Offsite

An integrated contemporary infrastructure is vital to support and nurture a modern economy. Spending money on infrastructure is very much about investing in the future.

Currently the UK is looking at a combined public sector/private sector spend of around £600 billion over the next decade or so. An incredible amount of money which to a very considerable extent will directly or indirectly involve the delivery of construction projects of various forms.

This level of spend and the associated need to ensure the efficient design and delivery of infrastructure projects will bring unprecedented opportunities for the offsite industry to win the argument for offsite solutions to be recognised as the delivery method of choice for an increasing share of major projects.

This Seminar will explore both the scale of this demand and also examine how leading clients are addressing the challenge of delivering their infrastructure projects. Clients will also be setting out their views on what the offsite industry needs to do to provide better value solutions, to ensure confidence in product, performance and capacity and to win work.

Nigel McKay

Industry Advisor, Buildoffsite

Nigel McKay has had a long career working for some of the most prestigious blue chip companies in the UK and has led the procurement teams at four of those companies across UK, Europe and the Middle East.

His most recent employment before embarking on a career to manage his own consultancy was that of the Procurement Director for Construction for HS2 which he was in post from January to July 15.

Since leaving HS2 and creating his own company, Nigel has secured work for a number of companies such as BRE, Kier, Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Achilles, Quintain, Lend Lease, Cundall, Translink, ASGC, Tarmac and Thales.

Alasdair Reisner

Alasdair is the Chief Executive of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA). CECA is the representative body for the UK’s civil engineering contractors, who build and maintain the nation’s critical infrastructure networks in the key sectors of transport, energy, water, waste, and communications. CECA represents over 300 contractors of all sizes, covering approximately 80% of the civil engineering market in Great Britain. CECA members employ close to 200,000 people, deliver work worth around £15 billion every year, and build or maintain infrastructure that provides the basis for economic sustainability and quality of life in communities across the country.

Steve Davy

Steve is the Head of Technical Standards at Highways England.  He has worked in the highways industry for all his career with many varied roles in design, construction maintenance and operations.  He has worked for local authorities, consultants and for central Government.

Since moving in to his current role about 5 years ago he has led to biggest ever revision and modernisation of the UK Design and Construction Standards for highways.  This has led to a change in focus from technically based construction to software and technology application to automate and assist designers, constructors and maintainers of highways

Seminar 4 – 14.30 – 15.30


Host: Tim Carey, Willmott Dixon

Keith Waller, Construction Innovation Hub – Programme Director

David Clark, The McAvoy Group & James Cowell, Elliott

Construction Innovation Hub: delivering better outcomes for business and society        

The Construction Innovation Hub has been set up with support from Government and industry to support the requirements necessary to address the skills, standards, capacity and innovation needs to forge a forward looking, sustainable and profitable industry.

The Hub wants to challenge the way that the industry currently designs, delivers and maintains projects. The ambition is to focus on making substantive change happen in support of substantially better outcomes. Big picture stuff rather than incremental improvements.

This Seminar will include a presentation by Keith Waller the Hub’s Programme Director and also provide advice on the opportunities for the offsite construction supply side to come forward with their proposals for collaboration to support of the Hub’s ambitions.

Showing what can be achieved through collaboration the Seminar will include a presentation by Elliotts and McAvoy on the SEISMIC project which was funded to develop standardised offsite solutions for school building to deliver significant cost and other benefits.

Keith Waller

Keith is the Construction Innovation Hub’s Programme Director.  A Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Keith has been involved in construction and infrastructure projects for over 30 years, leading many major projects in both the UK and overseas.

In 2010, Keith was seconded into government with Infrastructure UK (the predecessor to the Infrastructure and Projects Authority). He has served on several boards and cross-Whitehall groups, including the Infrastructure Client Group, the Offshore Wind Programme Board, Infrastructure Working Group of the Green Construction Board and the Government Construction Board. He has also advised a number of foreign governments on strategic infrastructure planning and delivery.

A keen advocate of driving innovative and productive solutions, his work in government led to the publication of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Plan, the development of the Infrastructure Cost Review and the IPA’s Transforming Infrastructure Performance programme, published in 2017.

David Clark

David is Manufacturing Director at The McAvoy Group, one of the leading offsite construction specialists in the UK and Ireland.

David has overall responsibility for offsite manufacturing across The McAvoy Group. His role includes management of the expansion of production capacity to meet the business’s strategic growth plans. He is passionate about driving productivity improvements across the manufacturing process, embedding both automation and digital solutions where possible.

James Cowell

James is Technical Director of Elliott UK (part of the Algeco Group). Algeco is Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading business services company specialising in modular space.

James holds over 25 years’ experience in the research, development and design of buildings using Modern Methods of Construction. He is responsible for all technical activities within Elliott including delivery of project specific design, new product development and continuous development of products.

Workshops – 21 November

Workshop 1 – 9.50 – 10.30


Stephen Crowther, Nationwide


Lee Walker, CDS Group

Nationwide – offsite legendary delivery

Nationwide were targeted with the reduction of cost and time of their 300 branch re fit programme.

There was experience of offsite construction and lean in their property team the project lead put together a challenge to reduce the fit out period by 50% and cost by 15%.

They engaged an offsite fit out contractor (CDS Group) to work collaboratively with them to develop a robust repeatable solution.

They delivered on this target by engineering their standard finishes and creating a 2D panelised solution which was implemented at their new Meadowhall store.

The store was completed in 50% of the time, 15% below budget and without defects achieving ‘legendary’ delivery status

The solution is currently being implemented across the 250 branch rollout programme.

Stephen Crowther

I am a commercially aware; customer focused senior property leader with an in-depth knowledge of delivering projects from client facing to contracting. Always achieving a high standard on contracts in the retail, commercial and mixed use sectors.

I have an absolute passion for process and delivery. I help create unique spaces for customers and for their teams.  I am an proactive agitator, influencing the teams around me. My experience is a blend of property, delivery strategy & design, helping to create industry leading spaces

The less-corporate description of me is: compassionate, dedicated, loyal, and innovative, thinking outside of the box. Change is invertible, so embrace it. I look at things differently, prepared to break with tradition especially when it comes to challenging the norm within our industry.  I work best in a high paced pressured environments, always looking for a flawless delivery.

Lee Walker

With 30 years’ experience as a construction and manufacturing professional and 15 years spent at Managing Director / CEO level, Lee brings a wealth of experience to his role as CEO of CDS Group www.cdsgroup.uk.com.

Passionate about the modernisation of the construction industry, Lee is an advocate of ‘lean construction’ and  ‘build offsite’ techniques, Lee has developed and delivered two dimensional prewired and piped offsite solutions with the target of reducing time on site based on a cost neutral solution.

Workshop 2 – 10.45-11.45

Ensuring new skills for Architects


Host: Karen Shanks, Buildoffsite

Nigel Ostime, Hawkins Brown

Dr Shahab Resalati, Oxford Brookes University

Graeme O’Doherty, AMCM

Anthony Pearce, Apply Structure

Teaching offsite in schools of architecture – Time for Change

The workshop will focus on the subject of developing course content on design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) and for modern methods of construction (MMC) and introducing this content into the architectural curriculum.

It is critical for improved productivity and for the economic sustainability of the construction sector that designers understand and embrace these processes and technologies and implement them into the projects of the immediate future. It is also critical that the best designers are involved, to maintain and set ever more challenging benchmarks to improve the quality and sustainability of our built environment.

The session will start with a panel discussion and then open to the floor for a wide-ranging Q&A with the aim of promoting this approach in all schools of architecture. Oxford Brookes are leading the way in this with a one-year Diploma module. It is hoped that other schools will follow suit.

The need for a more modern approach to training is, of course, equally applicable to CPD

The Workshop will consider a number of questions including:

  • Why is there a need to do things differently?
  • In the absence of a fresh approach is the profession at risk of getting left behind?
  • What course content is needed and how can this be refreshed?
  • In a fast moving world how can training and development best be delivered?
  • How can we best meet the professional and career needs of those wishing to join the profession?

Workshop 3 – 12.00-13.00

Benefits from Building over and alongside transport hubs


Host: Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite

Bill Price, WSP

Robbie Erbmann, TFL

Ivan Dowman, Network Rail

Building above London’s Transport Infrastructure

Opportunities for Offsite Thinking

The investment in London’s surface level transport system in the 19th and 20th Centuries has created incredible opportunities for development and improvement to help address London’s 21st Century challenges.

Right across the capital there are substantial sites where by making the most of modern engineering and construction practices it is possible to unlock the possibility of delivering the sustainable homes and facilities that London needs without impacting on the performance of transport services or adding to the pressures on land availability.

Construction over or adjacent to transport corridors and stations already happens to a limited extent but there is so much more that can be done. As an industry we are not lacking in the technical knowledge to mitigate construction risk – we know how to do this. Rather the challenge is to rethink the construction and asset protection processes. In this way we can develop construction methodologies for transfer decks and overbuild which meet sustainability and quality requirements and do not give rise to needless inconvenience and extended local disruption.

This workshop will give an overview of the supporting work that is underway within Buildoffsite and will also showcase the launch of The 2019 Overbuild Guide.

Unlocking developments over and alongside transport hubs will create substantial opportunities for offsite thinking to come up with the solutions needed to deliver the commercial, environmental and societal benefits that such developments can offer.

Workshop 4 – 13.30-14.30

A university’s plans for development – hear about the business opportunities

Title: Meet the Client – University of Greenwich Powerhouse EDGE

Research, Innovation and Enterprise Platform

Speaker:  Robert Hartley, Head of Estate Strategy and Programme, Central Estates and Facilities Management, University of Greenwich

Overview: Expansion of the University of Greenwich requires the sensitive redevelopment of an existing building of great architectural and historical importance. The project aims to bring together external and internal delivery partners in a unique and innovative ecosystem. The ambition will be to create a sustainable building to experience, test, develop and create a living laboratory in continuous evolution.

The client will outline the project and the indicative value and timeline and describe what the University will be looking for in selecting delivery partners.

20 November and 21 November

Seminar Theatre 2 

Digital Grows UP

Speaker: Chris Gatehouse, Regional Account Manager

11.45am – 12.15pm

Now a proven project planning and delivery tool

Not so long ago, and rather late in the day, the UK construction industry woke up to BIM as a brilliant but often stand-alone aid to project design, optioneering and simulation. However, the benefits of data rich models extend far beyond the design office to the factory and the field. Communication of content enabled, constructible model data is the facilitator for this type of working and the delivery method can be through a number of different technologies.

At OSCS 2019 leading exponents Trimble will be demonstrating the practical ways in which digital tools are now making a real difference to everyday projects.

These sessions will provide an unmatched opportunity for businesses large and small to find out how they too can benefit.

The Offsite Construction Show 2019

20 - 21 November 2019 , ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Buildoffsite is proud to support the original offsite show of the year

Registrations are now open!

The 4th Offsite Construction Show received overwhelming support from the offsite industry attracting almost 5,000 attendees who represented every part of the UK’s building, construction, design and engineering community, combining to make the UK’s national Offsite exhibition a resounding success.

OSCS2019 now in its 5th year will continue to build on this winning formula and will be a great opportunity for networking and learning more about the latest industry trends. With growing support from the government and recent investments going to modern methods of construction there will definitely be more to talk about – do not miss out!

Buildoffsite will be leading a schedule of workshops and seminars looking at key challenges and themes in the sector.

All our members are entitled to 10% discount on exhibition packages. If interested please contact the OSCS team.

Testimonials from OSCS 2018

We have been glad to exhibit again, at the offsite construction show. It’s been a very successful event for us, as we have had a lot of inquires and we look forward to doing it again next year” – David Wallach

It’s been a fantastic show this year, we have met lots of architects and developers and we look forward to being involved next year” – Daniel Leech

Offsite Construction Show – Day 1

20 November 2019 , ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL


Supported by BEIS, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

Seminar 1 – 10.45am – 11.15am

An expert view on the UK economy and prospects for construction 


Host – Joe Dyde, Buildoffsite

Tom Hall, Barbour-abi

2020 Vision: Prospects for the UK Construction Industry

The UK construction industry matters. Accounting for almost 3 million jobs and with an annual value topping £110 billion it is not much smaller that the high profile financial services sector.

Construction along with most other sectors is highly vulnerable to what happens in the rest of the economy, to shifting levels of confidence, and the pattern of international flows of capital.

So what is happening at this critical time? How might developments impact on your business and on those you work with and for? Tom Hall, Chief economist at Barbour–abi will offer an overview of the key developments that are expected to impact on the economy and what this might mean for the construction sector and for you.

Joe Dyde

Joe has been the Business Manager for Buildoffsite since 2018, overseeing and driving its continued growth in regards to industry membership and influence within the sector. He is a member of the Construction Leadership Council Steering Group for Innovation in Buildings, and the advisory group for the Construction Industry Training Board’s offsite skills project. He also manages Buildoffsite’s role as a delivery partner for the Construction Innovation Hub and the collaboration with the Transforming Construction Network Plus; and has contributed to various pieces of industry research and projects on behalf of Buildoffsite and its members.

Tom Hall

Tom is Chief Economist at Barbour ABI and AMA Research, providing analysis and economic insight for the construction and related sectors, assessing the trends and developments that impact the industry. Tom has over a decade of experience in a variety of strategic and economic roles within the water and utilities sector and joined the team in early 2019. Offering bespoke research and tailored analysis to our clients, Tom also speaks at industry events and works closely with journalists and other industry bodies to provide commentary on the built environment.

Seminar 2 – 11.30am – 12.30pm

Residential Developers share their offsite experiences & expectations


Host: Tom Eshelby, Chair of Buildoffsite Residential Hub

Alun Macey, Pocket Living & Adam Challis, JLL

Chris Spiceley, Places for People

“Taking the Plunge” – Catch the client perspective on the experience of Offsite Construction. 

Pioneering Residential Developers – Alun Macey from Pocket Living and Chris Spiceley of Places for People give their views, with Adam Challis of JLL providing expert analysis

“What’s it really like to deliver a building in offsite modular? (And would you ever do it again?!)”

One of the key aims of the Buildoffsite Residential Hub is to bring clients and suppliers together; to encourage developers to make the leap into the world of DfMA and modular delivery of their buildings.

There’s an ever-increasing buzz around the virtues and benefits of adopting volumetric delivery – considerations around digitalization, sustainability and managing the increasing challenges presented by the construction industry.

On Wednesday 20 November at London’s ExCel Centre the Buildoffsite Residential Hub will be hosting a free to attend Seminar at which experienced clients will share their experiences of using offsite solutions on their projects.

  • Alun Macey from Pocket Living, a company which has pioneered a whole new sub-sector of “high design, low cost” homes, will provide a frank account of his perspective on “the good, the bad and the ugly” in delivering buildings through offsite manufacture.
  • Chris Spiceley, Director of Developments & Delivery at Places for People, a Housing Association which is now in partnership with Ilke Homes will outline the benefits that their tie-in with a leading UK offsite manufacturer brings.

This exceptional one hour Seminar which will be hosted by Tom Eshelby and will also include insights from Adam Challis, Head of Living Research & Strategy at JLL.

The event will take place at 11.30am at the Buildoffsite Theatre at the Offsite Construction Show at ExCel. It is a Seminar that will appeal to all those who have an interest in the future shape of home building in the UK and to get below the surface of taking an offsite approach.

Tom Eshelby

Tom brings a very broad range of expertise across all elements of real estate, founded upon 20 years in the industry. Previously at Land Securities, British Land, Macquarie Bank and Savills, Tom has spent the last two years as Managing Director of the development business at Stelling Properties, a company which manufactures volumetric modules for its own projects.

Tom is passionate about encouraging new residential developers into the offsite world and guiding them through the entire process and the requirements around their first steps ventures into modular delivery.

Alun Macey

Alun has relationships across the construction sector having delivered complex construction at Carillion, Bouygues UK and McLaren Group.

A Chartered Construction Manager, he is now Head of Construction at Pocket Living, responsible for land due diligence, procurement, methods of construction and the delivery of Pocket Living’s projects.

Furthermore Alun has delivered schemes via modern methods of construction as both a contractor and developer, four of which of utilised full volumetric construction ranging from 11 to 26 storeys.

Chris Spiceley

Chris has recently joined Places for People as a Director with specific responsibility for driving the Group’s adoption of modern methods of construction (MMC) and transforming our approach to development delivery.  With a career spanning over 25 years in the UK construction sector, Chris has worked for some of the most recognised names for delivery, safety, excellence and innovation. At Lend Lease and Mace, Chris had responsibility for >£100m schemes for both public and private sector clients. Chris balances design integrity and client and end-user satisfaction with a ruthless commercial pragmatism. Chris was the commissioning Director for the 2015 RIBA Stirling Prize Award winner.

Adam Challis

Adam co-ordinates the JLL pan-European Living business and manages the day to day operations of the JLL Living research team. The team provides UK market briefing papers and thought leadership that supports the wider residential advisory and agency businesses. It engages directly with Government to provide policy advice and with clients to provide transactional support and strategic consultancy advice. Adam’s experience spans 15 years of advisory with both public and private sector clients on residential development and investment opportunities. He acts as company spokesperson for a wide range of housing market-related issues and is regularly cited in national and international media, alongside a wide range of industry speaking engagements. Adam joined JLL as Head of UK Residential Research in January 2013 and has held similar roles at other property advisors in London and Toronto, Canada. Education and Affiliations Adam holds an MSc Urban Regeneration from the Bartlett, University College London, a BA Economics from Western University (London, Canada) and recently completed an MBA at London Business School. He is a member of the Society of Property Researchers and the Urban Land Institute. Adam is a trustee of World Habitat and a supporter of both Shelterbox, a disaster charity, and JLL’s homelessness charity partner, Crisis.

Seminar 3 – 13.00 – 14.00

Achieving design quality with offsite


Host: Nigel Ostime, Hawkins Brown

Tom Kyle, Sheppard Robson

Andy Heath, BPTW

Stephen Wilson, Stride Treglown

Achieving design quality with offsite

The Design Hub was set up earlier this year within Buildoffsite, with the aim of shifting the focus of the organisation towards the critical optioneering and early design stages of projects. Since it was initiated a number of high-profile architectural practices have joined the organisation and more are doing so. This panel discussion will discuss the importance of good design, raising the bar for conceptual quality, for place-making and enhanced sustainability and how we need to help clients understand what they must do differently to reap the benefits a DfMA approach can bring. The discussion topics will include:

  • The importance of early design considerations and the optioneering process
  • Examples of good design using MMC
  • Adopting standardisation
  • Digital technology

Tom Kyle

Tom is an associate leads the sustainability and Build-Offsite groups at Sheppard Robson.  Since joining he has become a senior remember of the residential team and has extensive experience designing and delivering residential and mixed use projects.  Examples include Camden Courtyards, Stephenson Street, 399 Edgware Road, Barking Riverside, and Globe Road.

He is passionate about all areas of sustainability and in particular passive design.  More recently the sustainability group have looked at ways to reduce embodied carbon on projects which has in part led to joining Build-Offsite to reduce waste and transportation emissions on projects.

Prior to joining Sheppard Robson Tom worked at Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, PRP and ZED Factory.

Nigel Ostime

Nigel is Delivery Director at Hawkins\Brown Architects, an internationally renowned, award-winning practice based in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Los Angeles. He has over 25 years’ experience working as an architect and lead designer on complex, large-scale developments in aviation, infrastructure, commercial, residential and town-centre mixed-use. He was previously a director at modular housing provider Rational House, and before that a director at Reid Architecture and 3DReid.

Nigel is an active member of the RIBA and chairs the Client Liaison Group, which provides an interface between the institute and client representative bodies. He also sits on the RIBA Practice and Profession Committee.

Nigel recently set up the Design Hub within BuildOffsite with the aim of promoting design quality and DfMA in the construction industry.

Andy Heath

As a partner at BPTW, Andy’s experience spans across a wide range of housing typologies, working in the public, private and commercial sectors. Andy oversees BPTW’s strategic Design Quality and Sustainability Groups, ensuring good quality design and sustainability is at the heart of their work. He is committed to exploring innovative ways to design and build better homes and has been at the forefront of many of BPTW’s most successful schemes using a range of Design for Manufacture and Assembly and MMC solutions.

BPTW has been integrating OSM into their work since the early 2000s and place a strong emphasis on research and development through modern methods of construction and offsite construction solutions. BPTW has a strong ethos focussed on quality with long term benefits to their clients, end users and the environment.  This approach aims to improve efficiency, reduce waste and speed up delivery, enhancing build quality and environmental performance.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen is a Divisional Director at Stride Treglown and co-lead of the ‘Manufactured Design’ group, passionate about all forms of offsite design and construction. He is also part of the Offsite Project at the Supply Chain Sustainability School, a pilot course design training session for the construction industry.

A graduate of Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), he holds both Bachelor of Building Science and Bachelor of Architecture degrees and is an Architect Member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects having served on the Wellington Branch committee.

Professional life in New Zealand has involved around a decade with Archaus Architects on a variety of projects mostly in Wellington and Auckland and of residential and commercial nature.

Since joining Stride Treglown in 2007 Stephen has become a Student Living expert and has considerable experience in the design, management and delivery of schemes for tier one contractors, universities, and large developers.

Stephen has designed schemes from precast concrete to SIPS, from bathroom pods to full volumetric, from components to multi-floor façade panels, involving subcontractors from abroad and throughout the UK.

Seminar 4 – 14.30 – 15.30

Delivering the new skills the industry needs 


Host: Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

Declan McDonnell, Cadcoe

Charles Naud, Action Sustainability

Declan McDonnell, Cadcoe

Anne Nortcliffe, Canterbury University

Joanna Vezey, Laing O’Rourke

Delivering Future Skills

The Construction industry is in transition. New products, new technologies, ubiquitous application of digital, new forms of construction design and delivery close coupled with an unprecedented need for the industry to address the key issues of productivity and sustainability.

These are not issues for someone else. No matter where you fit in – whether as a client, a supplier or manufacturer you can be certain that developments that will impact on your business are just around the corner.

This Seminar will address some of the ways in which the new skills agenda is being addressed.

Nick Whitehouse

Nick studied architecture at Sheffield University and gained B.Arch.(Hons) in 1969 followed by Architects registration in 1972 and chartered membership of the RIBA in 1973.

He has wide experience of the construction sector including past employment as a senior Architect in a Local Authority, as company Architect in a Design and Build organisation, as a Director of JVs in housing and a major PFI project and eleven years as Chairman and Managing Director of a leading offsite construction company until his retirement in 2007. Nick joined Oxford Brookes University in 2008 and received a MBE for his contribution to the building industry in the 2010 New Year’s Honours list.

He currently is a visiting professor at Oxford Brookes University and an industry adviser to Buildoffsite.

Charles Naud

Charles has eight years’ experience in sustainability and innovation for the built environment. He is passionate about business models that provide positive outcomes for the environment and society. He joined Action Sustainability in September 2018 to lead the expansion of the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s work on offsite construction in mainland Europe. Notably, Charles has recently launched Campus Hors-site, aimed at upskilling professionals in France on offsite construction.

Declan McDonnell

With more than 20 years’ experience specialising in recruitment, Declan McDonnell has a passion for supporting emerging talent into roles within digital construction. In 2011, he decided to channel that passion into setting up Cadcoe (Construction and Design Centre of Excellence), a training organisation specialising in the development of digital design skills, with a purpose of addressing the skills crisis the industry is embroiled in. During his time leading the business, he has developed a profound clarity around the behaviours and qualities of the emerging generations poised to enter the workforce. To date he has supported over 200 trainee digital designers into roles across the UK, helping a broad range of digital construction businesses maximise their capabilities to attract the future talent needed for the industry’s future survival.

Dr Anne Nortcliffe

Dr Anne Nortcliffe is the Founding Head o School of Engineering, Technology and Design, at Canterbury Christ Church University.  Anne has been working with the construction industry to co-design curriculum to support Industry 4.0 revolution of the construction industry.   Anne has in particular worked with construction industry to design full-time mechanical engineering curriculum with a pathway that will produce Building Service Engineering graduates who embrace smart technology integration in building construction, operation and maintenance.  Also, developed Engineering degree apprenticeship programme to support staff development of industry 4.0 engineering degree apprentices for the Build-off-Site manufacturing industry.

Joanna Vezey

Appointed as Technical Director (Europe) in September 2019 – Joanna will work to future proof and transform the technical function involving merging integrated data analysis, digitisation and disruptive technologies, with leading customer experience, and our demonstrated engineering and operational delivery expertise.

Previously, Joanna served on the Europe Leadership Team for Laing O’Rourke as Head of Human Capital for Europe. She led the people agenda at Laing O’Rourke, focusing on productivity and transformation whilst maintaining a focus on talent retention and internal development to address the industry skill shortage. Joanna is a firm believer that people are central to delivering exceptional built environment outcomes that support thriving local and global communities.

Joanna has worked in the construction industry for two decades having graduated from the University of Southampton with an honours degree in Environmental Engineering. She became a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 2008 and in 2018 completed a Master of Studies at the University of Cambridge in Construction Engineering where she won the Laing O’Rourke Queens’ College Prize for her research ‘The effect of autonomy on wellbeing in a highly constrained construction environment’.

In Joanna’s career, she has extensive experience delivering large infrastructure projects working for client, consultant and construction organisations both in the UK and Australia. Career highlights have seen Joanna delivering early feasibility work for the new approach structures at London Bridge Station in London and constructing a rail interchange in Glenfield, New South Wales designed to support significant population growth to the west of Sydney.

Workshops – 20 November

Workshop 1 – 10.30-11.15

Delivering projects ahead of time and budget – Yes we can!


Keith Branwhite, Procter & Gamble

Damian Kelly, Graham Construction


Ali Mafi, Lean Thinking

Systemic Project Delivery

As a client the delivery of a new building can be incredibly frustrating. When we need a new facility to further develop our business and to create jobs, we commit a great deal of time and money to justifying our investment. We then employ the best people to turn our investment dream into reality and all too often the delivery system starts to go off the rails. Why is it that so many construction projects go out of control both in terms of time and cost? Is this just an inevitable feature of investing in construction – both in the UK and internationally?

At P&G we don’t accept this inevitably and due to our number of global projects we are always looking to work with our supply chain and improve the project delivery system testing out new principles. I am going to share with you how by introducing a scientific project delivery system, utilising many of the fundamentals from our factory production systems that are rare in construction, we have managed to reverse the outcome of a project that was heading the wrong way at our facilities in Reading. This new project delivery system has made life easier an has helped optimise completion ahead of time and budge. This has been possible using an external consultancy Lean Thinking Ltd and working with a Graham Construction and MJL the M&E contractor being open to do things differently and engaging with the system.

Currently we are planning our next major investment in the UK and we will ensure that things are set up so that we utilise the new system from the outset and the as part of the system optimise the benefits of offsite and BIM.

Workshop 2 – 11.30 – 12.30

Innovation in MEP – delivering customer value


Host: Karen Shanks, Buildoffsite

Phil Henry, Polypipe

David Bradley, E+I Engineering Group

Paul Hopps, Apex Wiring & Mark Watkins, NG Bailey

MEP – Innovative Services and Solutions

The construction industry faces considerable challenges. The need for the industry to become more productive and the need for buildings and structures to perform better in use is placing considerable demands on the services sector to come up with new more sustainable ways to deliver right first time quality and performance in use. The use of digital to drive efficiencies in the design process and the increasing availability of factory manufactured service solutions opens up fresh opportunities to deliver project and customer value

This Workshop Session will explore how leading suppliers of service solutions are developing new pre-manufactured solutions to enable more effective and more sustainable installation and commissioning.

David Bradley

David has been in the Electrical Industry for over 30 years with over half his working life at Schneider Electric.

He moved from Schneider to E&I Engineering to specifically work on the off-site build of Electrical Power Chains on Power Skids or in Pre-Fabricated Enclosures.

E&I’s heritage is Electrical MV & LV Switchgear together with Power Distribution Solutions and over the last few years customers have requested that time to deploy on site

be greatly reduced and therefore build off site has been a major growth area.

Phil Henry

Engineer with over 43 years of experience within the UK construction and manufacturing sectors and a track record of providing workable solutions for sustainable water solutions for tall buildings and urban realm. Board member of Constructing Excellence and BSRIA Council member.

Paul Hopps

Sales Director with 20 years’ experience in the electrical trade, from wholesale to manufacturing. Having spent 12years with Apex, Paul has helped it become established as one of the leading modular wiring companies in the UK.

Mark Watkins

Mark manages the operational activities for NG Bailey’s Offsite Manufacture function..

With over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, his background covers manufacturing, assembly, prefabrications, welded fabrications and mechanical and electrical building solutions.

Mark has been a keen supporter of offsite solutions for many years and has contributed to a number of award-winning projects across the commercial, health, nuclear, infrastructure clinical education, retail and industrial sectors.


Workshop 3 – 13.00 – 14.00

Ensuring confidence in innovative house building


Host: Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

Brian Minchin, Lloyds Register

Terry Mundy, Lloyds Register

Jeff Maxted, BLP

Marcus Fookes, First Start Homes

BOPAS – Benchmarking Standards for the Offsite sector

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and to valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This workshop will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

Buildoffsite member Marcus Fookes, First Start Homes to present on their journey towards BOPAS accreditation.

Terry Mundy – Terry is a chartered engineer, with over 30 years experience in the nuclear and conventional power sectors. He was involved in the introduction of risk management processes to support deregulation in the gas, water and electricity connections market and most recently involved in the development of the process accreditation element of the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) and the Lloyd’s Register BIM Accreditation scheme.

Jeff Maxted

Jeff comes from a surveying background having attained the College of Estate Management’s Diploma in Surveying and worked in a variety of architectural and surveying practices since 1973.  He became BLP’s Director of Technical Consultancy in 2014 following many years overseeing the risk management team that underpins BLP’s warranty and latent defects products. The Technical Consultancy focuses on promotion of Smart Construction through BOPAS and BLP’s expertise in life cycle modelling, embodied energy assessments and component and system durability assessments.

Workshop 4 – 14.30 – 15.30

Tall building masterclass


Alex Hyams, Alinea

Steve Watts,  Alinea

Getting High on Offsite

A look at the history of the tall building in the UK, the challenges from both design and viability, a look at recent developments in high rise construction and finally thoughts on the future of how towers will be designed and constructed including the opportunities for offsite solutions.

Alex Hyams

Alex has over 15 years of industry experience, most of which has been developed in the residential and retail sectors on some challenging and exciting schemes.

Alex has a successful record of cost managing complex projects for major developers from inception through to completion, working with the entire project team.

Alex is very personable, calm under pressure, with a keen eye for detail. He applies himself professionally to the projects and Clients he works with.

Within alinea, Alex leads our residential offer and is passionate about innovation and economic design. Alex also contributes to the knowledge and innovation group, whilst helping to set up the ‘hot rates’ database and often talks at events about residential developments and in particular, modular and Build to Rent.

Steve has 30 years of experience in the industry, having worked with many industry-leading developers and a host of top designers on demanding projects, large and small.

Steve has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the economics of tall buildings, working on a number of high profile towers. He was the inaugural Chair of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s UK Chapter in 2015 and has been the official Chairman of the global Council since October 2017.

He enjoys a challenge, possessing a forensic attention to detail as well as the ability to see the bigger picture – attributes which he applies to all projects, tall or otherwise.

Steve leads alinea’s Knowledge Group, bringing his passion for innovation, focused research and collaboration to the role.

20 November & 21 November

Seminar Theatre 2

Digital Grows UP

Speaker: Chris Gatehouse, Regional Account Manager

11.45 am – 12.15 pm

Now a proven project planning and delivery tool

Not so long ago, and rather late in the day, the UK construction industry woke up to BIM as a brilliant but often stand-alone aid to project design, optioneering and simulation. However, the benefits of data rich models extend far beyond the design office to the factory and the field. Communication of content enabled, constructible model data is the facilitator for this type of working and the delivery method can be through a number of different technologies.

At OSCS 2019 leading exponents Trimble will be demonstrating the practical ways in which digital tools are now making a real difference to everyday projects.

These sessions will provide an unmatched opportunity for businesses large and small to find out how they too can benefit

Construction’s Digital Manufacturing Revolution

06 November 2019
The B1M is proud to present “Construction’s Digital Manufacturing Revolution” – a compelling new documentary that explores the rise of digital manufacturing in the construction sector.

Developed in association with Solibri, the film journeys inside Laing O’Rourke’s impressive Explore Industrial Park – the most automated concrete products facility in Europe – to discover how digital technology is supporting offsite manufacturing processes at a critical time for the industry.

Join us for the World Premiere at London’s exclusive Ham Yard Hotel on 6 November 2019.

The documentary screening will be followed by a live Q&A with leading experts debating the challenges and opportunities presented.

There will also be an opportunity to network with like-minded peers in one of London’s most exclusive hotels.

Drinks and canapés included.

Dress code: Smart casual

Register here

Direction Group Dinner & Meeting

22 - 23 October 2019 , Lucideon, Queen's Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 7LQ

Image result for lucideon logo                                               



Welcome and Introductions – Joe Dyde, Buildoffsite

Offsite and Modular Testing Projects – Joanne Booth, Lucideon

Lucideon provided an overview of their construction facilities as well as testing and consultancy services for the offsite and modular industry, from materials selection and manufacturing, to installation and verification. The presentation also reviewed projects for offsite and modular manufacturers and suppliers, including Berkeley Homes, WElink, Premier Modular and Wetherby Building Systems.

Bryn Thomas, Dupont

DuPont Performance Building Solutions – Recently DuPont Performance Building Solutions have conducted a study into the current performance of breather membranes that have been installed on roof elements over the last 30 years. The purpose was to analyse the long term performance of different underlay technologies in fulfilling their role as a secondary weather barrier. Results demonstrate that correct membrane technology selection can impact the expected longevity of roof and wall elements and the building as a whole.

Rail Hub Project Visit – Twickenham Station Overbuild

10 October 2019 , Twickenham Station, London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3SX

10th October 2019 

Hosted by Mace

Time: 3PM – 5PM

The next meeting of the Buildoffsite Rail Hub will be a live project visit hosted by Mace. The Twickenham Gateway project is being developed by Solum, a NR / Kier joint venture.

Mace is providing the project management in this challenging, rail overbuild development which is both renewing the station, providing step-free access, and creating residential and retail units. We will be hosted by Daniel Richards of Mace who recently briefed the authors working on the Buildoffsite Rail Hub Overbuild Guide for Linear Infrastructure on the approach taken to deliver this project. Further information on the Solum development can be found here.

Please note that spaces are limited and you will need to bring your own PPE.

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BOPAS breakfast briefing

18 September 2019 , Lloyd's Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4BS

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This breakfast briefing provided an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

During the briefing, Tom Eshelby, Managing Director of Stelling Properties accepted their accreditation certificate for their Turnkey Steel Framed Volumetric Building System.


Welcome & Introduction – Professor Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

The BOPAS Scheme – presented by Terry Mundy, Lloyd’s Register & Jeff Maxted, BLP





DesignOffsite Group meeting

10 September 2019 , Buildoffsite, CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, London EC1A 9PN

Tuesday 10th September 

2pm-3pm: Buildoffsite members to discuss Communications & Marketing Strategy

3pm-4pm: Meeting

Followed by a tour of citizenM Hotel as designed by member Sheppard Robson


  • Buildoffsite membership
  • CITB Update (David Emery/Ian Heptonstall)
  • Update on previous meetings’ action points
  1. Optioneering (IH) & (NO)
  2. Research into what clients want: Client database (NO) & Questionnaire (TH)
  3. Links to architecture schools – Opportunity to host our 6th December meeting at Oxford Brookes University – All-day event considering travelling etc. The meeting will include discussion with the head, Matt Gaskin and Shahab on what we might do to promote DfMA there and how to include in the curriculum + a tour of the school.

Action: If interested in getting involved please email sara.kotsani@buildoffsite.com by 16th October

  • Discussion on what the 6th December meeting should cover
  • Fashion parade of architects to universities
  • Sponsorship for students to get into practices (TK)
  1. Platform approach – Standardisation (TK & PO)
  • Standardisation piece of research with those interested in becoming members of Buildoffsite sharing & contributing
  1. Promoting best practice
  • NW & SR update on bids coming out
  • Relationship building with manufacturers and improving design quality – how to achieve this

If you are interested in attending please contact sara.kotsani@buildoffsite.com

Direction Group Dinner & Meeting

02 - 03 September 2019 , Autodesk, Small Heath Business Park, Talbot Way, Birmingham B10 0HJ









Tuesday 3 September 2019 

Buildoffsite Direction Group meeting hosted by Autodesk

Lee Mullin and Demir Ali – Autodesk

Autodesk Technology and the convergence of AEC and MFG

Graham Cleland – Berkeley Modular (Co-presenters, Majenta + Cobuilder)

Structured product data capture / controlling flow in a digital river / golden thread of information

Nick Coubray – Howick

Innovation through collaboration

Video showcasing examples of Howick’s learnings and innovations from collaboration at the Autodesk BUILDspace technology centre in Boston

Jaimie Johnston – Bryden Wood

PRISM app for precision-manufactured housing + Platforms (DfMA and Systemisation)

Rick Holliday – Factory_OS

A California based modular builder who Autodesk have recently partnered with supporting the build out of the Factory Floor Learning Center, a space dedicated to education and research on industrialized construction and changes needed in public policy to optimize its benefits


Factory OS wants to build your next apartment in a factory

Housing development erected in West Oakland in 10 days

Deepash Patel – ela8

Overview from our R&D tax relief partner





Buildoffsite Summer networking drinks reception (sponsored by Willmott Dixon)



Join Buildoffsite members and staff for a Summer networking drinks reception in central London

Sponsored by Willmott Dixon

27 August 2019

17:00 – 20:00

Please join this not to be missed networking drinks reception. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and meet like-minded industry peers at a great central London location.

If you wish to participate please register here.

*Please note this is a member only event


Digital Hub meeting

27 August 2019 , Buildoffsite, CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, London EC1A 9PN

Tuesday 27 August 2019

2pm – 4.30pm

Followed by networking drinks sponsored by Willmott Dixon


Following on from the last digital hub meeting on 18th June, we now have a clearer vision for what the hub will aim to achieve over the coming twelve months.

The next Digital Hub meeting will take place on 27thAugust at CIRIA offices in London from 2pm – 4.30pm. The format for this meeting will be three 15/20 minute presentations with all having a 15/20 minute Q&A session straight after. The presentations will aim to highlight either best practice or working examples of how a digital strategy / workflow can create value. The Q&A sessions will be an opportunity to stimulate debate around the following areas;

  • Wider implementation of Digital Delivery / BIM
  • How to get data from architecture and design into production
  • Standardisation
  • Any barriers that potentially require lobbying to Government
  • Procurement barriers
  • Early engagement
  • Member challenges
  • Skills

Speakers to include:

Ben Robinson, Hawkins Brown, Digital Designer – how they used digital tools on their project – forward thinking software – digital technology

  • The design and setting out process of the 8million dots across the façade. And how we were able to issue exact information to the subcontractor so they could print the frit directly using our information.
  • The design and fabrication process of the WikiHouse units. How we worked with Architecture 00 to produce a fully parametric design and fabrication model. So were able to manipulate the central spreadsheet which would live update the design files and every single cutting file for the CNC. Which meant we could produce a full set of construction drawings with a single mouse click. Il also go over how the DfMA was the fundamental driver from the project from day 1 which allowed us to really develop this software solution to deliver it.
  • Quick fire overview of some other related work.

Andrew Bellerby, Solibri, Managing Director

Laing O Rourke had a desire and a need to automate and improve their Quality Control procedures for checking their 3D design and production models before they go into manufacturing at their DfMA factory in Steetley.

They were able to customise and develop the rulesets within Solibri Office (Model Checker) to automate many of their checks previously done manually to eradicate any potential human error before casting takes place.

Learn how they have improved their design to manufacture to assemble process by reducing errors and rejections in the factory

Lorraine McMorrow, McAvoy, BIM & Digital Construction Manager

  • McAvoy Group digital journey overview
  • Project case study to outline BIM and Digital Construction process and application, highlighting the pros and cons
  • What McAvoy have learned about digital and areas our business would like the digital hub to focus on

We will be looking for relevant member engagement at these events as one of the deliverables that the hub would like to achieve is to review any problems that members have and try to look at potential solutions. We will also be looking for expressions of interest for future presentation opportunities at Digital Hub events.

Register here

Rail Hub Overbuild Guide meeting

19 July 2019 , WSP House, 70 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1AF

As a continuation of the series of workshops on the Overbuild Guide for Linear Infrastructure that Buildoffsite is developing through its members’ contribution, this meeting will be looking at the progress of its various chapters/strands and will pick up on the points raised at the last meeting on the 23 April, 2019.

Agenda to follow

By invitation only

Direction Group Dinner & Meeting


Direction Group Dinner & Meeting

18 – 19 June 2019

Theme: International manufacturing and supply opportunities and challenges



Buildoffsite – Welcome & Introductions

Department for International Trade – Dennis McGlynn, Investment Adviser – Provided an insight into DIT’s Role in Promoting Exports and Attracting Inward Investment to support the Growth of the UK Offsite Construction Sector

WSPJane Richards, Head of Discipline – new member introduction

  • Short introduction
  • WSP & our Global Rethinking Offsite Campaign
  • Brief case studies

Solibri – Andrew Bellerby, Managing Director – Provided an insight into the world of Model Checking and how Solibri bring quality control and assurance to digital design and construction processes. Opportunity to see how the UK & Ireland compare to the rest of Europe in the uptake of building information model checking processes

HORS-SITE Construction – Pascal Chazal, CEO

Pascal talked about:

  • European Appetite for bringing Offsite innovations and systems into the UK
  • Update on the growth in popularity of Offsite (MMC) in France and opportunities that may present to our members

Encon – Chris Barlow, Product Development Director – Demonstrated the pivotal role distribution plays within the supply chain for offsite by showing how we can add value and open opportunities for contractors and working closely with manufacturers


DesignOffsite Group Meeting

18 June 2019 , UCL at Here East, 8-9 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E15 2GW

This meeting will be hosted at UCL, Here East prior to which we will be taking a tour of The Gantry designed by Hawkins\Brown about 5 mins journey from Stratford Station with the shuttle bus, or about 15 min walking distance. Further details and agenda will be shared in due course. 

4pm-5pm: Tour

5pm-6pm: Meeting


Digital Hub Meeting

18 June 2019 , UCL at Here East, 8-9 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E15 2GW

Tuesday 18 June 2019

2pm – 4pm followed by a tour of the The Gantry


  • Digital hub outputs and deliverables – what do we want to achieve
  • Agreement on activity stream – how often & when to host
  • Lobbying to Government – what is needed from the membership?
  • Terms of reference
  • Presentations and Case studies – what do we want to learn & share without becoming a talking shop?
  • Procurement barriers to digital collaboration


Offsite Manufacture Conference & Exhibition

13 June 2019 , Harrogate Convention Centre, Yorkshire


Buildoffsite have been invited to partner & will be exhibiting at the Offsite Manufacture Exhibition & Conference bringing together leaders from the property, development, infrastructure and construction industries to drive forward the modular and offsite manufacturing agenda.

Our members are entitled to 10% discount on purchasing delegate tickets & partner packages by using code Buildoffsite10

The event represents a unique opportunity to take the pulse of the development and construction sectors, and to share experiences and views on offsite manufacturing and construction and the important role that it has to play in the future of the construction industry. It will include many speakers that have a requirement for modular and offsite manufacture construction who will be looking to engage with suppliers and manufacturers, designers and more.

For more information and to register please click here.

UKAA Roundtable – Is offsite feasible for BTR?

11 June 2019 , Eversheds Sutherland, 1 Wood Street London EC2V 7WS

Presented by Buildoffsite & Geraghty Taylor

The BTR sector continues to grow rapidly! To be successful BTR requires:

  • Scale to be viable;
  • Quality to meet customer expectations;
  • Operational efficiency to be profitable; and
  • Speed of construction to ensure revenue is generated without delay.

These are characteristics that Offsite construction either shares or can deliver.

At the same time, traditional construction methods are coming under increasing pressure through a lack of capacity, particularly shortages of skilled labour, as the current workforce age and EU nationals leave Britain.

There is potentially great alignment between the BTR sector’s requirements and Offsite solutions. What then is required to enable BTR investors, developers and operators to choose Offsite construction with confidence?

This roundtable is aimed at BTR professionals seeking to learn more about Offsite construction. It will cover the opportunities and the challenges that Offsite brings to traditional development approaches.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Design for BTR – quality and flexibility
  • Design, standardisation and creating efficiencies
  • Offsite as a BTR business strategy not just a procurement option
  • Supply chain management and influence
  • Barriers and Opportunities

Event details are as below:

Date: Tuesday 11th June

Time: 8.00am to 10.30am

Address: Eversheds Sutherland, 1 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7WS
Plan your journey

Event timings:
8.00am – Arrival
8.00am – 8.30am – Breakfast
8.30am – 10.00am – Roundtable
10.00am – 10.30am – Networking
10.30am – Session end

If you are interested in attending this roundtable, please reserve your place ASAP as places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis with priority given to UKAA and Buildoffsite members.

This event is free to attend and breakfast will be supplied.

Register Here

BOPAS lunchtime briefing


The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This lunchtime briefing will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

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Accelerating Project Delivery briefing

08 May 2019 , CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN

Breakfast Briefing: Accelerating Project Delivery by focusing on uncertainty and risk

This briefing will be looking at a system for delivering projects consistently ahead of time. We will be hearing from clients on some of the challenges faced when looking to complete projects, and how these can be overcome.

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By Ali Mafi & Hamied Ghadimi of LTL with Keith Branwhite of Procter and Gamble one of their global clients.

LTL has designed the most scientific and effective project delivery system for optimising project completion ahead of time by between 20%-30% leading up to the government’s target of 50% after a few iterations. This is achieved by focus on the impact of uncertainty and risk.

The system reverses the current project performance of over 80% running late and over budget in spite of BIM, Lean, Offsite and collaborative forms of contract. The 20% that finish on time will also experience tangible further improvement in time and cost.

The system can be introduced at any phase or stage of the project with tangible time, cost and quality gains and guarantees cash flow and margin improvement at all supply chain levels.

The system is called APD (Accelerating Project Delivery).

APD is an intelligent (self learning), silent, low cost and low stress project delivery system. It ensures that at all times project activities are carried out effectively, efficiently and productively in their order (highest to lowest) of their scientifically calculated impact on the end date.

Akin to a sat nav the system accurately predicts elapse time to completion daily.

The system is based on 12 of the most advanced motivational, production, uncertainty & risk management, communication, self-management and build offsite philosophies and thinking.

The system has been designed based on the following beliefs:

  1. Project management is knowing exactly the impact of every daily task on the end date.
  2. The greatest risk to completing on time and budget is to not carry out daily work in the order of impact on the end date. This risk is prevalent on all projects every day and although very small at times it accumulates through the life of the project to become the greatest cause of late completion and budget over run.
  3. Time accounts for 70%-80% of the project cost hence the most effective way to reduce cost and complete below budget is to focus on halving the project time.
  4. Time risk allowance makes up 40%-50% of each project’s end to end duration. Close to 100% of this allowance gets wasted even if the risks don’t materialise.

Ali and Hamied will illustrate the system’s 12 principles followed by Keith sharing Procter and Gamble’s experience of using the system on their projects.


Design Offsite Group meeting

29 April 2019 , CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN

29 April


Planned group activities:

  1. Develop optioneering tool for RIBA stage 2
  2. Generating client pull for offsite
  3. Promoting manufacturing interoperability
  4. Insurance, assurance, procurement (eg alliancing, IPI) and cost (ie working with the cost consultants)
  5. Generate links to Schools of Architecture and CIAT to promote DfMA
  6. Platform approach

Agenda to follow

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Direction Group Dinner & Meeting

23 - 24 April 2019 , Griffin Court | 15 Long Lane | London | EC1A 9PN | UK

Direction Group Meeting, 24th April

Buildoffsite – Member Successes & the Future





This Direction Group meeting was an opportunity for our members to share their successes by giving an overview of their offsite award winning projects including Education Project of the Year, Infrastructure Project of the Year and Offsite Pioneer of the Year. The event was also a chance to learn more about our new member Ideal Standard and get an insight into the role of standards in offsite construction through a presentation from BSI. Buildoffsite and BSI will be working closely together to provide regular updates and communications on the topic of standardisation.

At the same time, we were happy to share with you our member survey outputs as well as an update on our business plan and our plans for the future including our recently established Residential Hub Leaders Group.

Welcome & Introductions – Buildoffsite

Neil Bills, Ideal Standard – Neil focused his presentation on their market position, innovations and digital

Mark Graham, Premier Modular – Education Project of the Year winner

Beaver Road Primary School is one of 8 schools delivered in partnership with ISG for Manchester City Council over a period of 18 months.

Andy Smith, Caledonian – Infrastructure Project of the Year winner

Caledonian have recently been awarded Infrastructure Project of the Year for works at Hinkley point C working with Laing O’Rourke and EDF energy. Described as the largest hotel built since Euro Disney Andy outlined what went into making this an award winning project that was delivered during 2018 and what projects are now flowing through the factory.

John Handscomb, Kier – Offsite Pioneer of the Year winner

Kier’s entry for the ‘Offsite Pioneer of the Year’ award captures their determination to give strategic priority to modern methods of construction, embracing offsite technology to overcome specific challenges and achieve higher levels of performance and efficiency. Throughout 2018 they consolidated their offsite strategy, as well as improving communication, offsite marketing and collaboration across the business.

Nick Davidge, ilke Homes – Best use of volumetric technology

Nick outlined the benefits of fully volumetric solutions as showcased at the Gateshead Innovation Village with Home Group. Ilke Homes designs, manufactures and installs full volumetric homes and have taken offsite activity to the furthest level believed to be possible through their volumetric technology. ilke Homes’ design approach creates a portfolio of house types that enables both traditional and contemporary aesthetics to be achieved, delivers exemplary performance and quality through efficient and consistent production in their factory.

Buildoffsite – the Future an update on our business plan and member survey outputs

Clare Price, BSI Group – The Role of standards in offsite construction

Reporting on the research findings, the value of engagement in the standardisation process, and key developments. Full BSI report can be found here

*As requested you can find the RICS paper on Modern Methods of Construction here


Rail Overbuild Guide Workshop

23 April 2019 , Transport for London, 55 Broadway, St. James' Park

An opportunity for all contributors to the rail overbuild guide to meet and discuss the various chapters/strands, to ensure we are addressing what key stakeholders require.

1pm – 3pm



CIRIA Spring networking drinks reception

02 April 2019 , Butchers Hook & Cleaver 61 W Smithfield, EC1A 9DY

Image                                                                Image

Join CIRIA members and staff for a Spring networking drinks reception in central London

2 April 2019

17:00 – 20:00

Our parent organisation, CIRIA, has kindly extended an invitation to Buildoffsite members to join this not to be missed networking drinks reception. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and meet like-minded industry peers at a great central London location. You can find more details of this member exclusive event on CIRIA’s website.

If you wish to participate please register here.

*Please note this is a member only event

BOPAS Breakfast Briefing

26 March 2019 , Lloyd's Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London,  EC3M 4BS

This event is now fully booked due to popular demand. Next breakfast briefing will be held in May. Further details to be announced.

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs

This breakfast briefing will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building

Register here

BOPAS Lunchtime Briefing

26 March 2019 , Lloyd's Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London,  EC3M 4BS

This event is now fully booked due to popular demand.

Further dates to be added throughout the year.

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs

This lunchtime briefing will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building

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Residential Hub event

19 March 2019 , 226 Church Road, Willesden London, United Kingdom NW10 9NR

The event covered the cost of offsite manufactured solutions for the residential sector both from a client and supply chain perspective. Is offsite cost effective & are clients ready to use more offsite to increase capacity?

This residential hub event looked at how the offsite sector is addressing cost, are clients getting value for money and what capacity is there in the sector to deliver a predictable housing supply to market that gives confidence to clients.

Key messages:

“Before you start designing think about your customer and what they want”

“Most traditional contracts end up 10% more in cost than offsite”

“Cost certainty is fundamental in modular and MMC”

“In reviewing the traditional construction triangle of time, cost & quality you start to understand the reasons for success and that offsite is not a one size fits all”

“Engagement with client in the beginning and throughout the process is key”

3 challenges the offsite sector faces:

  1. Procurement – manufacturers need to put themselves in the position of the client and come up with a solution to show the whole product including groundwork and foundations. They need to take the principal contractor type role
  2. Risk Profile – traditional route: if the contractor goes out of business there are other solutions available to the client. The offsite sector needs to collaborate in order to increase the risk profile and win client’s trust. Thinking has to go into providing other options and solutions if things don’t go as initially planned – there needs to be a consistency in approach.
  3. Speed of the build – it is seen as an advantage; however MMC providers need to think about what that really means and think in capital cost terms

What is the industry going to look like in 5 & 10 years time?

  • 5 years – There is a need for a massive increase in the rate of house building. We are going to see a big increase in the level of construction activity in housing by a substantial increase in offsite
  • 5 years – consistent delivery; 10 years time – more automation and greater efficiency
  • 5 years – a lot more will have changed. We will see the successful large brands in strategic partnerships
  • 5 years – planning and procurement will still remain challenges; 10 years – different planning and procurement environment
  • 5 years – market will have settled down and standardized


Dennis Seal, Buildoffsite – Welcome & Introductions

Tom Eshelby, Stelling Properties –  How can a vertically integrated developer, builder and off-site manufacturer best control their costs, supply chain and quality in the early days of establishing the business?

Andrew Goodwin, B+K Structures – highlighted how their product range can meet current regulations and deliver cost effective solutions to clients.

David Butler, UKAA & Mark Woodrow, BTR Partners – Challenges for the supply chain in meeting the demands of the Build To Rent Sector over the next 3-5 years. Articulated the scale of the opportunity and the barriers to be overcome to meet the ambitions of all parties.

Terry Mundy, Lloyd’s Register & Jeff Maxted, BLP – Quality
product will set materials and build systems apart from each other so what part will BOPAS play in ensuring future product is accredited to the right standards and why BOPAS.

Dennis Seal, Buildoffsite – Indicative Cost Analysis – What is a CSA? Why do we need one? How does it work? Who uses them?

Graeme O’Doherty, The McAvoy Group – How important is it that you get the cost thresholds right for your product range and what percentage of your product is manufactured in the factory, what does this look like on our indicative CSA. What do clients want from you most when discussing the cost of supply and how are you able to respond.

Tom Oliver, ilke Homes – Cost Summary Analysis for Modular

Jon Wardle, AMCM – What role can Construction and project managers play in delivering competitive offsite housing solutions? How do you balance quality against cost? What examples do you have to support this?

Alex Hyams, Alinea Consulting – What are the key drivers behind the cost of offsite housing product? What should our members look out for when selling or buying product? What part does quality play in selecting product? Why doesn’t offsite providers like tendering for work?

Bernard Williams, International Facilities & Property Information – Cost Comparator – How can clients be sure offsite provides the best solution and how can offsite solutions be compared to traditional methods. Why is offsite more expensive than traditional? (is it really or is the comparison between traditional methods and offsite construction biased)


Direction Group Dinner & Meeting

26 - 27 February 2019 , Location: Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd. Trimble House, Gelderd Road, Morley, Leeds LS27 7JP

Image result for trimble logo                                                                

27th February 

Buildoffsite Direction Group meeting

The event covered overviews of digital applications and case studies / speakers describing Digital in Use.

Welcome & Agenda, Buildoffsite

Craig Sewell, CoBuilder & Andrew Gamblen, Willmott Dixon

Following the Government Mandate of BIM Level 2 in 2016 there has been an explosion in the Construction Sector of technology and software to help modernise and make the sector more efficient. This presentation looked at the background of Digital Construction, examples of where technology has proved successful on and off-site, and how coBuilder can help provide the right information at the end of the project.

Graeme Jones, C-Probe and Royston Young, DASYS

C-Probe has, for over 20 years, monitored the performance of structures using its embedded sensors and open network electronic management systems interrogated and remotely controlled through internet access. These have developed to provide online service life tracking with add-on IoT options that can be incorporated into precast concrete elements for future resilience management. Teaming-up with Design Automation Systems the presentation discussed how past success is emerging to integrate digital design solutions into the BIM environment to assess, control and prevent infrastructure degradation to assure future sustainability.

Richard Kelly, Building Smart

This presentation looked at how digital transformation is enabling offsite by examining processes and examples from case study.

Craig Sewell, coBuilder and Gillian Smith, CADENAS

Presentation looked at how CADENAS, the market leaders in object digitalisation for the mechanical/engineering sector, have adopted the combined CADENAS/coBuilder solution for Wieneberger and TATA steel and how utilising complex product configurators, could provide a perfect solution for many Buildoffsite members.

Residential Hub event at Mitsubishi Electric



The benefit and impact of the supply chain on whole life costs and the predictability of offsite housing supply

The Residential sector is under pressure once again as there is a growing number of reports that are suggesting that in 2019 we are going to be building less homes than ever.

With government figures suggesting that we completed 220,000 homes last year and in light of the above does this mean that housing output is now in decline. If it is then “Why” and what can be done to alleviate the pressure.

The Residential Hub meeting on the 7th February at Mitsubishi Electric looked at the growing demand from investors as well as home owners who are looking to safeguard the longevity of their investments.

Dennis Seal, Buildoffsite

What is happening in the market sector?

Lack of homes, Brexit uncertainty and prospective interest rate rises negatively impact the volume of housing. However the positive side of this is that sales growth will slightly increase as house prices flatten.

What this means for offsite:

  • Next 5 years could see a move away from the conventional way of building homes
  • Market will be moving away from the standardised housing projects
  • It will be cheaper to buy homes
  • Millennials will want to have a say in how houses will be built

Trevor Clements, Hertfordshire Building Control: Fast Track Approval for Fast Track Construction

We need to contribute to efforts of building safe, durable and energy efficient buildings amid government’s increasing support for the sector.

Is offsite a risky business?

60 years on many of the buildings exist and some of them with listing status.

  • The performance and aesthetic of buildings have undergone massive improvement
  • The average new house put together in a factory environment is going to have a much better quality than one in a typical site building environment.
  • Performance gap: Offsite construction can only help in this regard
  • Fast track but not short cut

Stuart Bell, Mitsubishi Electric: Call to other members to open up discussions on early delivery and design of M&E with reference to supply chain and impact on whole life costs.

  • The quality, safety and design of manufacturing facility reflects offsite construction methodology
  • We need to add value to the sector and drive forward this type of solutions

*presentation to be added in due course

Joanne Booth, Lucideon The benefit of product testing on the supply chain and predictability of offsite housing supply.

Adrian Hall & Matthew Cockerill, JCB: How a well-established company is bringing a new perspective to offsite; including reference to the supply chain and whole life costs of approach.

Changing construction industry:

  • As processes change in terms of the way buildings come to market we have got to have a machine that can be used by contractors to facilitate that process

Massive skills gap:

  • Building houses in a traditional way is not going to deliver exponential growth. If we carry on doing what we have done the gap between supply and demand will get bigger. We have to embrace the change and Buildoffsite will allow us to satisfy the demands of the market.

Paul Foulkes, WAGO: With a focus on collaboration with other members including Mitsubishi Electric and how the supply chain is a key factor including how they have developed new working relationships.

David Whorwood & Gary Bright, Ideal lifts:

Challenging traditional thinking and disrupt the processes and complexities of conventional bespoke lift shaft construction on offsite projects.  How ongoing collaboration with other members and within the supply chain can simplify and improve the design, processes, management and safety of lift design, installation and maintenance.

*presentation to be added in due course

Charles Naud, Action Sustainability

Supply Chain School & Offsite management school are an industry led initiative aimed at building your understanding of offsite. They provide you with FREE practical support in the form of CPD accredited e-learning modules and training workshops, tailored self-assessment tools and action plans, bench-marking tools, networking opportunities and access to thousands of online resources. They would like input from the sector to help develop training programme and build capacity to train the whole industry on offsite. If you would like more information or to discuss further contact charles.naud@actionsustainability.com

Panel Debate – Picking up on the theme and speaker sessions the panel discussed the importance of the supply chain in offsite delivery, why clients should engage with them more to overcome design and cost barriers and why we should focus more on the whole life costs of the products we install to protect future budgets and expenditure. 

  • Offsite is the only solution to the housing crisis – to be successful we need to make sure we build durability and quality in what we build.
  • With offsite solution gaining proper momentum, collaboration between manufacturers and supply chain needs further encouragement.
  • We need to explain the benefits of offsite and what it can deliver – it is so much more than timber frame. There is a confidence issue with people as they automatically link offsite with poor quality, lack of mortgage. Offsite is not what it was before – it delivers a very different end product. Most offsite support is seen in the younger generation as they are being exposed to technology.
  • Millennials will make the decision – they want a product where they can have some say. Modular homes are differentiated by the ability to be customised. Adaptability in offsite needs to be looked at the same way we look at quality.

Supply Chain Workshop & Anglian Water Tour

31 January 2019 , Anglian Water Thorpe Wood House


The day combines an optional site visit at 8am followed by the workshop starting at 10.45am.

Site visit – Register Here

Meeting – Register Here

Transforming the Housing Technology Mindset with George Clarke

04 December 2018 , Mitsubishi Electric, Travellers Lane, Hatfield, Herts, A10 8XB

Sharing knowledge to change perspectives on building modern homes

Venue: Mitsubishi Electric, Travellers Lane, Hatfield, Herts, A10 8XB

Registration: 09:30

Meeting Start: 10:00

Meeting Close: 14:00

Join us on the 4th December for a special event with George Clarke, TV presenter, visionary architect, campaigner and educator. We will be discussing the need to de-carbonise heating and looking at how the electrification of heating is the answer to meeting the Government’s climate change targets.

In the UK we spend £32 billion a year on heating alone and it accounts for around a third of our greenhouse gas emissions. We need to change the way we produce and consume heat or we will not meet our long-term climate change targets. To get there, we are going to have to change the way we generate, distribute and use heat in buildings and industry.



As a market leader in commercial and domestic renewable solutions, Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer in the development of renewable heat pump technology that offers improved energy efficiency and meets tough legislation. Heat pump technology has been used around the world for decades and Mitsubishi Electric has developed this technology to produce Ecodan – one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today.

*Please note: Spaces for this event are limited and therefore will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Water Hub workshop at the Manufacturing Technology Centre

07 November 2018 , MTC (Coventry), MTC Limited, Ansty Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU


Water Hub Workshop and MTC Tour

MTC (Coventry), MTC Limited , Ansty Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU

The workshop focused on delivering the 2025 construction targets by examining the main challenges and drivers in the water sector from both a supply chain and water company perspective. 

All members can access the post workshop notes and presentations here


Key issues for UK construction

01 November 2018 , Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

Key issues for UK construction

Central London

Meeting Start: 08.00

Meeting End: 13.30


Direction Group Dinner and Meeting

30 - 31 October 2018 , Laing O'Rourke, Explore Industrial Park, Explore way (off A619) Steetley, Worksop S80 3DT

Venue: Laing O’Rourke, Explore Industrial Park, Explore way (off A619) Steetley, Worksop S80 3DT

Demystifying offsite for residential

Exploring the potential of alternative offsite technologies and how to put them into practice. Learn about opportunities and limitations of offsite : design manufacturing and construction)

A workshop session designed for Social Landlords & small residential developers.

Speakers: McAvoyIlkeCaledonianRotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Elements Europe and Laing O’Rourke.


Home builders 2020 – who are the players and innovators?

03 October 2018 , The National Composites Centre, Bristol BS16 7FS


The impact and value of using offsite construction for low rise building such as garden towns, villages and cities and larger scale developments. 

The gap between supply and demand currently sits somewhere between 100k and 150k homes pa. How can offsite solutions capture all of, if not the lions share, of this requirement.

Support for the offsite sector has grown considerably over the past 12 months and at a disproportionate rate compared to previous years where growth was being achieved at a steady, if not at times frustrating, pace. Buildoffsite is working with its members (from all walks of the industry) to help the sector understand its attributes and limitations at the same time as enabling both the public and private sectors to enter the market –  not only well prepared and well informed, but with a network of like minded organisations who can support them in the process.

Please note that Bristol Temple Meads station is closed. Please use either Bristol Parkway or Yate.

The address for the venue is as follows and there is plenty of parking

National Composites Centre
Feynman Way Central,
Bristol & Bath Science Park,
Emersons Green,
BS16 7FS

Click here for a map

Final agenda

Members can register here

Non members can register here for a fee of £80.00

For further information please contact info@buildoffsite.com

Water Hub Meeting and Factory Visit

12 September 2018 , Nomenca, Warrington


Site visit commences at 8.00, please arrive in plenty of time for the tour to start on time.

Site: Winsford WwTW, Wades Lane, off Bradford, Winsford, CW7 2PB

This is a LiMA site where Nomenca’s Off Site Build Team have provided dosing equipment.

You will need to bring your own PPE as there are no spares available.

If any of you are planning to miss the site visit, please join me at the hotel for coffee where I will be from 9.00am, details below.

We shall continue at The Macdonald Portal Hotel, arriving by 10am for morning coffee with the meeting commencing at 10.30.

Cobblers Cross Lane, Tarporley CW6 0DJ


Don’t forget that the purpose of the day is effective communications so please come prepared to share in discussions. We also want to hear your good news stories which we’re hoping will become a regular feature and which we will be promoting within the Buildoffsite newsletter.


RESI Convention 2018 (attendee costs apply)

12 - 14 September 2018 , Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

Buildoffsite Director Tim Hall joins line up at RESI Convention 2018. He will be speaking on 13th September.

Buildoffsite Director Tim Hall, Shaun Tate of Mace and Paul Rogers of Whittham Cox are the latest confirmed speakers at RESI Convention 2018.

The trio of construction experts will take part in the ‘Construction and Delivery’ stream of masterclasses and ‘ask the expert’ sessions on day two of the convention, which will take place from 12-14 September at Celtic Manor in Wales.


Member to member event hosted by Arup

06 September 2018 , ARUP, 8 Fitzroy St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 4BQ

Member to Member Event

Time: 2.00pm – 6.00pm followed by a drinks reception

Purpose: A once a year opportunity for the Membership to come together to contribute to the scrutiny and development of the Buildoffsite work-programme, to share their experiences of the big issues that are influencing the opportunities and challenges for the offsite sector in the UK market and to make those all important business contacts.

The afternoons discussions to include:

Overview of the prospects for the UK Construction Industry and the implications for Offsite

Introducing the Buildoffsite Forum members

Review from Tim Hall on activities, outcomes and opportunities

Opportunities for members to influence the future Direction of the Buildoffsite Work-programme

Networking and Discussion

If you would also like to bring a guest please advise of their contact details for us to register accordingly

Members can register here

Direction Group Meeting hosted by Polypipe.

29 August 2018 , Hosted by Polypipe in Aylesford


Raising our Game in the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Kindly hosted by Polypipe at their offices in Aylesford.

Agenda – Wednesday 29 August 2018.

Please note that parking at Polypipe is severely restricted and so they have kindly arranged a shuttle from the Holiday Inn, directions here

08:30: Register at Holiday Inn – London Rd, Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks TN15 7RS Bacon rolls / tea / coffee
09:15: Transport to Polypipe
10:00: Welcome and introductions – Glen Sabin, Polypipe
10:05: Brief overview of the theme for the Direction Group – Tim Hall, Buildoffsite

11.10: Executive Director update including:

  • Buildoffsite’s current work programme
  • Buildoffsite Forum
  • New members
  • International engagement
  • Hub updates

11.30: Presentation on opportunities for collaborative Research Funding

11.50: A proposed Buildoffsite  led effort on Digitally Enabled Manufacturing

12.10: Events Programme (Paper to be tabled)

  • Member to member event, ARUP, London – 6 September
  • Residential hub event, National Composite Centre, Bristol – 13 September
  • Next Direction Group dinner and meeting, Laing O’Rourke, Steetley – 29-30 October
  • Offsite construction show – 20/21 November
  • Masterclass Session (eg C-Probe)

12.30: Member Feedback Session

13.00: Close followed by networking and lunch

14.00: Polypipe factory tour (approx. 1 hour)

Polypipe’s address is, Polypipe, Aylesford, New Hythe Business Park, College Rd, New Hythe ME20 7PJ.

Direction Group Meetings are also an opportunity for Members to share their views on topics that matter most to them. If you have any suggestions for matters that should be addressed then do please send the details to anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

If you require overnight accommodation on the 28 August, we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Maidstone – Sevenoaks, London Road, Wrotham Heath, Kent, Sevenoaks, TN15 7RS. If you require a hotel room please contact them directly quoting “Polypipe” for a corporate rate of £81 bed and breakfast.  Telephone number: 0871 942 9054 website: http://www.himaidstonehotel.co.uk/Please note: If you drive to and stay at the Holiday Inn you need to advise the hotel reception of your vehicle registration etc, they have ‘Parking Eye’ cameras and you will get a penalty through the post if you don’t register your vehicle with the hotel.

Members can register here

Direction Group Dinner

28 August 2018 , Hosted by Buildoffsite in Aylesford

Prior to our Direction Group, a Members’ Dinner will take place on the evening of Tuesday 28 August at The Farm House, 97-99 High St, West Malling ME19 6NA at 7.30pm.

Please note that parking at the restaurant is severely restricted and so Polypipe have kindly arranged a shuttle to it from Holiday Inn, Maidstone, at 7.00 pm.

If you require overnight accommodation on the 28 August, we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Maidstone – Sevenoaks, London Road, Wrotham Heath, Kent, Sevenoaks, TN15 7RS. If you require a hotel room please contact them directly quoting “Polypipe” for a corporate rate of £81 bed and breakfast.  Telephone number: 0871 942 9054 website: http://www.himaidstonehotel.co.uk/ Please note: If you drive to and stay at the Holiday Inn you need to advise the hotel reception of your vehicle registration etc, they have ‘Parking Eye’ cameras and you will get a penalty through the post if you don’t register your vehicle with the hotel.

Members can register here

New Offsite Opportunity for Rotherham Metropolitan District Council

24 August 2018 , John Smith’s Room at Rotherham Town Hall, The Crofts, Moorgate Street, Rotherham, S60 2TH




Buildoffsite is working with Rotherham  Metropolitan District Council to engage the offsite construction community and attend a Meet the Buyer Event on the 24th August.

9.30              Registration (Lindsey Castle)

10.00            Welcome Jane Davies, Strategic Housing & Development Manager

10.20            Working with Build Off Site: Wendy Foster, Social Housing Officer/Fareita Udoh, Transition Manager

10.25            Scheme outlines: Nick Ward, Housing Development Manager/Wendy Foster, Social Housing Officer

10.40            Procurement Process: Clair Brierley, Category Manager – Corporate Procurement Service

11.00            General questions to the Panel

  • Clair Brierley (procurement)
  • Dave Scholey (technical and spec)
  • Nick Ward (bungalows)
  • Wendy, (pods)

11.40            Networking


The Rail Overbuild Guide Progress Review

19 July 2018 , WSP, 70 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1AF


A follow up to the well attended meeting on Building Above Railway Lines last year. WSP and Buildoffsite will be sharing progress on the Overbuild Guide, initiated in 2017.


The Agenda is as follows

10:00 Welcome – Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite

10:05 Introductions – All

10:15 Summary of progress to date – Bill Price, WSP

– Out of Thin Air report published

– Initial Buildoffsite workshop conclusions

– Outline of what we want to do

– Information gathered to date

10:30 How can we make the transfer deck / building structure & services interfaces configurable and flexible? – All

11:00 What are the key characteristics that we need to identify and quantify for a typical 12 storey building using different construction systems? – All

11:30 Learning for motorway overbuild (e.g. for Heathrow expansion) – All

11:45 Next steps – Bill Price

12:00 Close

Members can register here.

For more information please contact info@buildoffsite.com

BOPAS Breakfast Briefing

11 July 2018 , Lloyd's Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BS

Time                       08.30hrs – 10.30hrs

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed by Lloyd’s Register, BuildingLifePlans (BLP), Buildoffsite, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, The Council of Mortgage Lenders and The Building Society Association to provide assurance to the lending community and valuers, that non-traditional systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to designers manufacturers and constructors and will provide confirmation that properties, constructed using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of a BOPAS certification is a recognised means of managing financial and construction risk and serves as a primary gateway to mortgage finance across the sectors including institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.


08.00                      Registration & coffee and breakfast

08.30                      Introduction and overview of current Government initiatives in the Offsite sector–

Professor Nick Whitehouse

08.50                      The BOPAS Scheme:

– Context and benefits

-Accreditation process and database – Terry Mundy, Lloyd’s Register

-Durability assessment process

-Update on registrations – Jeff Maxted, BLP

09.30                      Accreditation awards to organisations who have successfully completed the BOPAS process

09.40                      A manufacturers perspective of the BOPAS process – Top Hat Industries

09.45                      Q&A and Discussion

10.00                      Refreshments and networking

10.30                      Close


To register please click here

For directions please click here

If you have any queries please contact Buildoffsite at info@buildoffsite.com

Water Hub workshop at the Northumbrian Water Innovations Festival

10 July 2018 , Northumbrian Water


The Workshop has been timed to coincide with the Northumbrian Water Innovations Festival, which is being held from 9th – 13th July and all previous Water Hub attendees should receive an invitation to the festival directly from Northumbrian Water.

The Festival in its second year is a truly unique event, taking 12 societal and environmental problems and applying design thinking techniques to try to solve them in five action packed days. Week beginning  Monday 9th to the 13th July 2018.

The focus of the Buildoffsite Water hub workshop will be Efficiencies and the event is open to Buildoffsite Members and invited guests.

Agenda to follow.

Members can register here

Non-members please email

Residential Hub Event, Height of Design:

04 July 2018 , Liverpool

Using offsite manufactured solutions to deliver medium and high rise residential accommodation is now more popular than ever,  in particular for the leading developers within the UK.

With the increase in the Build to rent market forecast to continue now is a good time to invest in quality efficient and desirable accommodation.

Outside of London there is a perception that the opportunity for this type of construction is limited but as will become evident from our next residential hub meeting this may not be the case.

Liverpool presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase the use of modern methods of construction and deliver homes not only at scale but well designed and configured in the process.

Taking the “ Height of Design “ approach has the potential to add significant benefits to the landscape in and around Liverpool, creating a positive and long term legacy in its regeneration.

Buildoffsite Residential Hub has assembled an outstanding list of experienced contractors, manufacturers and suppliers to present details about the schemes that they have completed, their experiences on the way and the partnerships that have led them or are leading them to undertake some of the UK’s most iconic housing led schemes delivered to date.

Prepare to be impressed by the scale and ingenuity of the market and how far we have come in a relatively short space of time then consider how you could participate, become more involved in the sector or benefit from the extensive networking opportunity that the Buildoffsite Residential Hub event can offer its members.

Click here for the Event Agenda

Members can register here

For non-members there is a fee of £78.55 per place and you can register here.

Address: Liverpool Business SchoolRedmonds Building, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, L3 5UG. Directions can be found on their website here.

Please note that Liverpool Lime Street Station will be closed on the 4th of July. The closest rail station is Liverpool Central and you can also travel to Parkway and then get a bus. More information ca be found at National Rail

A member’s recommendation for where to stay is the Nadler Hotel, nearby and reasonable, Click here for more.

Direction Group Meeting Theme – M+E solutions

20 June 2018 , NG Bailey Offsite Manufacture, Park 26, Kingsmark Freeway, Oakenshaw, Bradford BD12 7HW

NG Bailey are kindly hosting this Direction meeting.  9.30am – 1.00pm followed by a tour of their offsite manufacture facilities.

Direction Group Meetings are also an opportunity for Members to share their views on topics that matter most to them. If you have any suggestions for matters that should be addressed then do please let us have the details here: anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

Direction Group Meeting agenda

Wednesday 20 June 2018, NG Bailey, Bradford

Theme: M+E solutions

09.30: Registration and Networking

10.00: Welcome and Introductions

10.10: Presentations to include:

  • NG Bailey
  • B+K Structures –prefabricated MEP solutions

10.55: Allan Griffin – The AMRC: Where Construction meets Manufacturing

11.10: Buildoffsite collaboration with BESA (then B&ES) to produce “An Offsite Guide for the Building and Engineering Services Sector”https://www.buildoffsite.com/content/uploads/2016/01/OffsiteGuide.pdf

11.20: Buildoffsite Forum

11.40: HS2 and MEP, Kier – tbc

12.00: Communications and Events

  • Offsite construction show
  • Hub updates
  • Newsletter
  • Collaboration with other organisations (HCA, Offsite School, Housing Forum…)
  • ICE

12.30: Member Feedback Session

13.00: Close followed by networking and lunch

14.00: NG Bailey factory tour

15.00: Close

Members can register here. Non-members please contact Anna Whiting on the address above.

Pre Direction Group Dinner

19 June 2018 , Hosted by Buildoffsite in Bradford

A Members’ Dinner will take place on the evening of Tuesday 19 June at the Massimo Italian restaurant located in the Gomersal Hotel, BD19 4LJ at 7.30pm.

Members can book their place here.

Non-members please contact anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

If you require overnight accommodation on the 19 June, we will be staying at the Gomersal Park Hotel & Dream Spa, Moor Lane, Gomersal, West Yorkshire, BD19 4LJ. If you require a hotel room please contact them directly quoting “NG Bailey” for a corporate rate of £79 bed and breakfast.  Telephone number (0)1274 869 386 email reservations@gomersalparkhotel.com

Irish Embassy Event London Housing-What Next

03 May 2018 , Irish Embassy, 17 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, London SW1X 7HR

London Housing – What Next?

Time: 3.45pm – 7.00pm

An invitation only high level knowledge and networking session jointly presented by Buildoffsite, Enterprise Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland. Hosted by Ambassador Adrian O’Neill

 Rising to the challenge

The population of London is growing at a rate unseen for more than 70 years. There is already a significant shortage of decent, affordable homes and the situation is deteriorating. The London Mayor has called for an annual programme to construct 66,000 new homes against the current record programme of round 46,000 and for 60% of these to be affordable. The big questions for this session are how can the industry respond to the challenge and how can offsite construction methods contribute to the delivery of a step-change increase in new homes across all tenure types?

There will be a welcome by His Excellency Mr Adrian O’Neill, Ambassador of Ireland

To register your interest please email anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

Rail Hub and HS2 Workshop

27 - 27 April 2018 , CIRIA,Griffin Court 15 Long Lane London, EC1A 9PN

Open to members and non members

HS2 Limited, a member of Buildoffsite, has asked us to help them explore new ideas and address some challenges in relation to viaduct designs. To this end we shall hold a workshop to connect HS2 with potential supply chain members and develop a collaborative approach to help delivering 21st century designs for the viaducts required by the high speed line.

The workshop will be looking for ideas that can address the aesthetic, durability, programme and whole life cost aspects, in addition to the need for safety and buildability. Four viaducts will be used as examples in the workshop to highlight the challenges that the HS2 team is facing and to help the supply chain to think how they can better support HS2’s expectations. They will also provide insight into how HS2 may assess and compare options.

The event is open to all potential suppliers of viaduct construction systems, including concrete, steel and composites, whether they be members of Buildoffsite or not. With limited space at the venue we may need to limit attendance to one person per organisation: If you would like to register multiple people; please ensure the lead person is clearly identified.

For more information please contact kate.abley@buildoffsite.com  or phone Kate on 020 7549 3306

Buildoffsite Rail Hub General Meeting 26th April 1pm-5pm 

26 April 2018 , CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane London, EC1A 9PN  

CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane
London, EC1A 9PN  

All members are invited, (room capacity permitting).

The next Buildoffsite Rail Hub Meeting will be held on the 26th of April. At it we will present the latest Buildoffsite DfMA guide for Bridges and Viaducts produced with input from the group. We will also look at what we can do to support the London Underground Step Free Access Programme and how offsite can help deliver the vision outlined in the WSP report “Out of Thin Air, building above London’s rail tracks”. It will be a very interactive session, looking for ways of helping members  to collaborate to offer greater client value. Spaces are limited so we advise prompt booking to ensure a place.

Members please book here.

Non members please contact Kate Abley

For more information call Kate on 020 7549 3306

Student Accommodation & Direction Group Meeting

12 April 2018 , Newcastle University

The next Buildoffsite Direction Group Meeting is taking place on Thursday 12 April at Newcastle University, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Newcastle, NE1 8QB

Theme : University Estates and Student Accommodation

10.00 – 14.00 followed by a tour of the CIMC student accommodation which was delivered utilising offsite manufactured ‘modules’

Agenda as follows:

09.30:  Registration and Networking

10.00:  Welcome and Introductions

10.10:   Presentations to include:

  • Rachel Davis, Premier Interlink
  • Peter Boundy, Kier
  • Paul Bandeen, Newcastle University

11.10:  Construction Leadership Council Update – Construction sector deal

11.40:  Digital futures overview – examples of digital in use – Peter Foster, CoBuilder & Garry Fannon, Willmott Dixon

12.00: Communications and Events

  • Offsite Construction Show
  • Newsletter
  • Collaboration with other organisations (HCA, Offsite School, Housing Forum…)

12.30: Member Feedback Session

13.00: Close followed by Networking and Lunch

14.00: A visit to the CIMC student accommodation which was delivered utilising manufactured ‘modules’




A Member’s Dinner will take place on the evening of 11 April for those who will be staying overnight. The dinner will take place at Cote, 120-122 Grainger Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5AF from 7.30pm and we hope that as many members as possible will be able to join us.

If you plan to stay over please find below recommended hotels:

Motel One Newcastle or search at newcastlegateshead.com

For those involved with or interested in the Housing/Residential Hub, please note that there is a Hub session from 14.00 to 19.00 on Wednesday 11th April.

Please register separately for this Housing/Residential Hub event on the 11th April here


Newcastle Residential Hub (& Opt in Direction Group Dinner)

11 April 2018 , Newcastle University


  Enabling Housing Delivery 

How pre-manufactured homes are being used to increase housing supply.

Influential speakers, engaging content and excellent networking opportunities, this event is essential for anyone involved in UK housing, off-site manufacturing, developing, purchasing and procurement.

Newcastle University, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Newcastle, NE1 8QB on 11th April

  • 14:00 Registrations
  • 14:15  Welcome
  • 14:25  Buildoffsite Housing Hub
  • 14:45  Brian Ham, Home Group – Capabilities and guiding principles for selecting offsite solutions
  • 15:00  Speaker to be announced
  • 15:15   Brendan Geraghty, GTA – Creating more homes using good design solutions that suit offsite
  • 15:30  Michael O’Doherty, One Public Estate – Opportunities & challenges of manufactured housing
  • 15:45  Afternoon Tea & Networking
  • 16:30  Political overview
  • 16:45  Panel Debate theme – Collaboration. Encouraging & exploring Buildoffsite’s role as enabler of collaborative projects through Innovate UK & the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  • 17:15  Open Discussion
  • 17:45  Other Business
  • 18:00 Drinks and Networking
  • 19:30 Dinner (£30 per head for dinner to non-members)

Panellists to be announced shortly

To register for the event please click here


For more information on this event please contact nathalie.quinn@buildoffsite.com

Raising the bar for offsite housing-BRE Event

26 March 2018 , BRE, Bucknalls Lane, Watford. WD25 9NH

26 April 2018
BRE, Bucknalls Lane, Watford. WD25 9NH
FREE to attend

Quality and performance of offsite housing: a consultation on an assessment methodology


This free workshop will explore the wider context of UK offsite housing construction and its place in the national response to the housing challenge. The session will cover the standards, assessment methods & schemes operating to assure offsite quality, durability and performance of components and systems. The program includes the work of MHCLG’s MMC Working Group and will inform discussion about delivering client, customer and insurer confidence in offsite enabled housing.

To register as a delegate please visit BRE here

Housing Hub Meeting: Procurement

14 March 2018

12.30pm – 5pm Moller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge

At the request of Local Authorities, Housing Associations and developers in the Eastern region Buildoffsite will lead a workshop session on procurement specifically for offsite construction in the housing sector.
Influential speakers, engaging content and an opportunity for organisations within the housing sector to connect and collaborate, with regional information sharing and valued speakers forming part of the knowledge transfer.

To register for this event please click here.


12:30 Coffee & Registrations

1.15 Welcome

  • Buildoffsite Housing Hub
  • Ann Bentley, RLB/CLC
  • Mike Kimmer, Caledonian Modular
  • Mark Robinson, Trowers & Hamlins
  • Andrew Yuill, Flagship Homes

2.45 Afternoon Tea & Networking

  • Political Overview
  • Panel Debate – Procurement
  • Open Discussion
  • Other Business

5.00 Close

Moller Centre Churchill College
Storey’s Way
United Kingdom
CB3 0DE (SAT NAV use CB3 0DS)


Direction Group Meeting. Theme: Developing Skills Around Offsite Construction

28 February 2018 , Hosted by TDS at Dudley College

The next Buildoffsite Direction Group Meeting takes place on Wednesday 28 February 9:30am – 1:30pm.

With a theme of Developing Skills Around Offsite Construction it also includes a tour of Dudley Advance II.

TDS Midlands have kindly agreed to host this meeting at Dudley College of Technology.

Dudley College of Technology
The Broadway
West Midlands

Agenda as follows:

09.30: Registration and Networking

10.00: Welcome and Introductions

10.30: Overview from TDS and Dudley College

11.00: Presentations

Kevin Arthur, Elements Europe   – Offsite Practical Skills in Practice

Kevin will be discussing the labour challenges faced within the UK Construction sector, the skills shortage the industry has and how offsite construction can assist with these challenges.  He will also focus on the specialist skills the offsite industry requires and how these differ from traditional labour skill sets.

Richard Bayliss, CITB – A new skills frontier: Why offsite is changing skills needs and how training can respond

Ian Heptonstall, Action Sustainability – Developing skills to accelerate the uptake of Offsite

Chris Barlow, Encon – FAAY- Partitioning systems. The opportunity to learn a new skill set, installing a partitioning system

12.15: The role of the professions and further education in providing skills for the offsite sector – Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

12.30: Communications and events

12.40: Member feedback session

13.00: Tour (approx half an hour) Dudley College Advance II


Pre Direction Group Dinner

27 February 2018 , Bella Italia, Castlegate Park, Birmingham Road, Dudley, DY1 4TB

For those members staying overnight for the Direction Group Meeting on the 28th, a Members Dinner will take place on the evening of 27 February .

The dinner will take place at Bella Italia, Castlegate Park, Birmingham Road, Dudley, DY1 4TB from 7.30pm and we hope that as many Members as possible will be able to join us.

If you plan to stay over there are two recommended hotels:

The Village Hotel Dudley or telephone 01384 888830 (select option 1) To secure a corporate rate at The Village Hotel, quote ‘COR1B’ at the time of your booking. (£90 for single occupancy in a double). This cost includes breakfast, parking, wifi and use of leisure facilities.

The Copthorne Hotel:  Prices vary from £70 – £110

Any questions please contact anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com or call 0207 549 3306

Flexible Robotic Welding and Fabrication of M&E – Invitation to a Free BRE Workshop

20 February 2018 , Somerset Innovation Centre, Bridgwater, Woodlands Business Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4FJ

Time: 9.30 -12.30

The application of Robotics and automation is likely to become increasingly significant in supporting measures to improve construction industry quality, performance and productivity.

The free workshop is organised by BRE and supported by a number of Buildoffsite Members.

If you or a colleague would like to attend you can register with Kim Noonam of the BRE at kim.noonan@bre.co.uk

Delegate places are limited and registration will be on a first come first served basis.


9.30: Welcome and Introduction, Exelin

9.45: Innovate UK’s FRAMBE and CRAFT Projects overview: Skanska

10.00: Introduction to the use of robotics for welding and fabrication of M&E: ABB

10.30: Fabricators view on the use of robotics in M&E services: Patera and Taunton Fabrications

10.45: Discussion and coffee break

11.15: Re-configurability demo: Trimble

11.30: Interactive delegate session to identify as barriers to the implementation of robotics and opportunities for the use of robotics: ABB and Exelin

12.15: Opportunities at Hinkley Point: Exelin

12.30: Business models (lease and purchase) and next steps: Exelin and BRE

R+D Tax Credits Workshop-Breakfast Briefing

07 February 2018 , Buildoffsite, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN

Breakfast Briefing Ela8

Since 2000, companies in the UK have been able to claim tax relief on certain types of Research and Development (R&D) activity. With three different schemes, the process of making a claim can be complex, so ela8 have put together this simple guide which outlines the key considerations and steps to making a successful, value adding claim and covers the following topics:

  • What is R&D relief? An overview and history of the regimes
  • Am I eligible? Determining whether you can claim
  • What costs qualify? What costs can be claimed
  • How do I claim? How the claims process works
  • Industry examples: Areas for consideration in construction
  • How can ela8 help? How we can help you claim relief

Places are free for Members of Buildoffsite.

A nominal charge of £50+VAT applies to Non-Members.

For more information and details of how to book please contact anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

Lean Workshop Breakfast Briefing

11 January 2018 , Buildoffsite, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN

 UK Construction Process is Broken – But it can be fixed

Location: Ciria, Long Lane, London EC1A 9PN

Time: 08.30am – 10.00am

Industry Expert: Ali Mafi of Lean Thinking Ltd                 

The Problem: Too often construction projects come in late and over budget. When did this last happen to one of your projects? Was it stressful? Was it expensive? Did those late projects use BIM, Offsite and/or the latest forms of contract?

Based on more than 15 years working with clients and contractors I can tell you that close to 80% of projects run late giving rise to stress and despondency for the individuals involved as well as additional cost, night shift and weekend working.

The Solution: In this Breakfast Briefing we will share with you a proven project delivery system. A system that will transform project delivery outcomes from 80% late to 90% ahead of time. A system/process akin to a Sat Nav that highlights twice a day the impact on the end date. It also ensures the work is carried out in the most effective and productive way and has a built in continuous learning loop. A standard transparent system (not software) of delivery that can be rolled out across all your projects with guarantee of a consistent outcome without dependence on the quality of the people.

You will hear the detail behind some incredible facts:

  • Most projects lose time at a rate close to 3 days a week – every week
  • Only a small percentage of the project delays are attributable to clients
  • Incredibly BIM compliance can have a negative impact on productivity
  • The benefits of offsite solutions can get lost when mixed with traditional construction process and the projects runs late
  • Operatives only work 30% of the time

We will demonstrate the importance of concentrating on:

  • Compressing time. Time accounts for close to 80% of the cost and over 90% of the risk. This can eliminate claims.
  • On standardising the system/process of delivery first then the product.
  • The system rather than the outcome. This kills egos, the biggest obstacle to progress in construction.

Delegate places are FREE for Members of Buildoffsite and CIRIA. 

A charge of £50 + VAT per head applies to non-members. 

For payments by credit card contact Accounts on 0207 5493303. Please contact Anna Whiting: anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

Direction Group meeting followed by Christmas lunch

13 December 2017 , Browns, Covent Garden

Meeting 10.00am-1.00pm followed by Christmas lunch, London

Theme: Digitally Accelerated Construction


09.30Registration and Networking

10.00Welcome and Introductions

10.10Fast moving Government landscape – Tim Hall, Buildoffsite

  • Autumn statement
  • Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  • Delivering construction skills
  • Government as client – driving the productivity agenda


10.40: Presentations – Digitisation: Award Winning Member Projects 

Applying digital to drive enhanced client value and positive experiences, achieving design, delivery and performance excellence, skills and technology developments

    • Peter Foster, Co-Builder
    • Amador Caballero, Willmott Dixon Interiors
    • David Clark, McAvoy

11.10Digitisation: Emerging technologies and applications– Richard Fletcher, Trimble

11.30Q&A Session

12.00Buildoffsite Vision and Future Activities – Tim Hall and Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

  • 12.30Communications and Events

    12.40Member Feedback Session

    13.00Close – followed by Christmas lunch and networking

To register: anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com

The Buildoffsite Rail Hub invites you to review the opportunities identified by WSP for building 250,000 homes above railway lines in London.

07 December 2017 , WSP House, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1AF

The Buildoffsite Rail Hub invites members to review the opportunities identified by WSP for building 250,000 homes above railway lines in London.

Bill Price, Strategic Growth Director at WSP, has invited Buildoffsite members to a presentation on his report, “Out of Thin Air – Building above London’s rail lines”, as many of the sites identified could benefit from offsite delivery.

Early awareness can only help the offsite sector rise to the opportunity.

Whilst housing is a significant focus of the report it is not limited to that, with mixed use developments envisaged, and even a football stadium. This follows on from work commissioned by Network Rail and will provide members with an excellent opportunity to gain insight from one of the leading consultants in this field. It will also be a good time for members to inform WSP as to how they could add value to such projects.

The overbuild market is set to expand significantly if the intention is indeed to densify city locations in proximity to transport infrastructure. The requirement for homes in London is frequently estimated at a minimum of 50,000 per year. This represents two strands of opportunity for building offsite:

  • Firstly there is a strong need for decking of various types and configurations to suit a range of rail environments. Components could include support walls, deck slabs, infill fire protection and more traditional structures outside the active rail corridor.
  • Secondly the purpose of the deck is to create a zone for overbuilding. This is envisaged as an ideal opportunity for modular, offsite, prefabricated components. With several major projects already in the design phase this event should not be missed!

Date: 07/12/17

Time: 14:00 to 17:00

Venue: WSP House, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1AF

To register interest (places are limited) for this event please click here

For further information email: nathalie.quinn@buildoffsite.com

Visit to the National Composites Centre

14 November 2017 , Feynman Way Central, Bristol & Bath Science Park, Emersons Green Bristol BS16 7FS

Buildoffsite Visit to the National Composites Centre

Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017

Timetable: 10.30am start with a finish at 3pm with one-one networking available until 4.30pm. A late start and an early finish is recommended to avoid the possible congestion arising from ongoing local road works.

Purpose of the visit: To introduce the work of the NCC to Buildoffsite Core Members, Associates and Participants in Buildoffsite Hubs and to provide an overview of fibre reinforced composites (FRP) current use and opportunities in Building and Civil Engineering.  The event will feature attendance from the composites supply chain to enable relationship building.  The event will be chaired and facilitated by Tim Hall assisted by the NCC.

Capacity: Up to 100 delegates

Tour of the Facility: Guided tours of the Centre will be arranged over the lunch break

Outline Programme for the day

10.00am – Registration and Networking

10.30am – Welcome to Buildoffsite from Tim Hall, Buildoffsite

10.40am – Welcome to the NCC by Alison Starr, Executive Director for Strategy and Business

10.50am – Overview of fibre reinforced (FRP) composites, their current use in the construction sector and opportunities for further exploitation

11.30am – Case Studies – David Barber, Apply Structure and Shaun Chivers, Mabey Hire

11.50am – Discussion Session

12.25pm – Briefing on the Tour

12.30pm – Buffet Networking Lunch and facility tours

2.00pm – Discussion Session

2.30pm – Wrap Up and Next Steps

3.00pm – Close, breakout available for one-one networking until 4.30pm

You can register or find out more from anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com and look at their website here: http://nccuk.com/

Direction Group meeting and dinner hosted by Legal & General

24 - 25 October 2017


Theme: Collaboration to Support Housing Delivery at Scale


Direction Group meeting dinner

24 October 2017

Dinner 7.00pm, 24th October, Busaba (upstairs private dining room), London



Direction meeting

25 October 2017

Meeting 10.00am-1.00pm, 25 October, Legal and General, One Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA

Theme: Collaboration to Support Housing Delivery at Scale


To register: anna.whiting@buildoffsite.com



Encon Nevill Long & Knauf Spray Plaster Event

19 October 2017 , Encon/Nevill Long West London Units 6, 7 & 8 The Griffin Centre, Staines Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0HS

When: Thursday 19th October 2017

Live demonstrations will take place at 8am and 10.30am.


Where: Encon/Nevill Long West London

Units 6, 7 & 8 The Griffin Centre

Staines Road



TW14 0HS

Each session will include:

– Live demonstrations showing how fast, clean and efficient the system is

– The opportunity to use the spray machine and see the benefits of a premixed finish and the ease of application

– Free breakfast and refreshments for everyone who attends

– Experts will be on hand to offer advice on spray machines

Register your attendance at: www.knauf.co.uk/readymixedfinishingevents or email: WestLondonSprayDay@Encon.co.uk


11 - 12 October 2017 , ExCeL, One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock London E16 1XL

Supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Our Buildoffsite Workshops and Seminars 2017

In collaboration with The Offsite Construction Show and with support from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Buildoffsite is delighted to host a Programme of Seminars and Workshops for 2017.

Featuring expert speakers drawn from across the industry, the Seminars will take place in the Buildoffsite Theatre. There is no pre-booking – sessions are free to attend, with seats available on a first come, first served basis.

The Workshops will be hosted in the Workshop Theatre, adjacent to the Buildoffsite Exhibition Stand (C52). Spaces will be limited. To attend a workshop, please register your interest in advance, by selecting the links

To see the seminars click here Buildoffsite Seminars 2017

To register for the workshops click here Buildoffsite Workshops

The 2016 Offsite Construction Show received overwhelming support from the offsite industry and the industry at last has it’s very own showcase attracting over 2,000 attendees who represented every part of the UK’s building, construction, design and engineering community, combining to make the UK’s first ever national Offsite exhibition a resounding success.

OSCS2017 will continue to build on this winning formula, and we have a great show planned.

See you there!


Water Hub Digital Water Event: 22nd May 2017

22 May 2017 , Mott MacDonald, 10 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RB

Objective: To showcase how digital technology can and is being used in the water industry

Hosted by: Mott MacDonald

Lead: Jon Rains

The agenda and presentations from the event can be found on the Water Hub Home Page.