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The Royal Institute of British Architects is known globally through the work of its 27,000+ chartered architect members, who bear the gold standard for practice in the profession.

A champion for architectural design quality, and with a passion to promote a wider public appetite and interest in architecture through its website, exhibitions, talks and four million-strong collections, the RIBA champions better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture and architects.

RIBA Enterprises, with its NBS, Bookshops and Insight brands, is the leading provider of information to the construction industry.

The RIBA shares with Buildoffsite a common agenda, which is to meet the significant economic, environmental and social challenges the design and construction industry now faces and still deliver better designed, better performing and more sustainable buildings – but with less money and time. We believe that these challenges are best met by integrating the role played by architects working collaboratively with suppliers and contractors to deliver innovative solutions, through a streamlined project delivery team.