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The CLC’s objective is to drive industry improvement. It draws together business leaders from across the sector to identify how to promote solutions to meet the ambition of a 33% reduction in cost, a 50% reduction in project time, a 50% reduction in carbon emissions and a 50% reduction in the trade gap.

Leadership Councils representing other sectors have achieved great improvements in productivity and competitiveness by focusing on a few big things, bringing industry with them and doing them well.  Based on this proven route to success, the big question is, where should the CLC focus?  Our answer is:

  • DIGITAL – delivering better, more certain outcomes by using BIM enabled ways of working
  • MANUFACTURING – increasing the proportion of off-site manufacture to improve productivity, quality and safety
  • WHOLE-LIFE PERFORMANCE – getting more out of new and existing assets through the use of smart technologies.

By focusing on these 3 themes, and working with other organisations to join forces, mobilise and accelerate change, we can move the ‘dials’ to benefit the whole industry.

The CLC works through six work streams (supply chain and business models, skills, smart technology, innovation in buildings, exports and trade, green construction board, and communication) to identify the levers, and incentives to deliver the outcomes we desire and the benefits to all who participate.