Are you carrying out Research & Development? Learn more about Buildoffsite member, ela8 & how they can assist you with R&D tax relief


Progress in the offsite building sector, whether that relates to residential, commercial or infrastructure projects, is underpinned by businesses in the sector making bold, or even incremental strides in developing new technologies, generating innovative products or achieving improvements in manufacturing and logistical processes that seek to ensure that offsite construction remains viable and progressive.

Unsurprisingly, the capital that companies risk in making such advancements can be lost though setbacks or is attributed to unrealised new learning in the field, however, the financial exposure can be materially reduced by claiming Research & Development Tax Reliefs. In the attached article, specialist R&D tax experts and Buildoffsite member, ela8 provide an excellent overview of R&D tax relief regime and the valuable tax benefits that are available, which unfortunately remain under-utilised by participants in the offsite construction sector.

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