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Why join Buildoffsite?

Buildoffsite promotes step-change increase in the use of offsite construction methods to deliver better value for clients and customers and improve business opportunities for suppliers.

Buildoffsite is the recognised voice of the offsite industry and member organisations are seen as being in the vanguard of those looking to innovate and improve the performance of the construction industry.

Membership of Buildoffsite provides opportunities for members to meet with other forward looking organisations to effect process and product innovation, to participate in knowledge sharing and to take part in business to business networking.


The Membership Scheme

Membership opens the way for organisations to take part in Buildoffsite activities, to meet with and knowledge share with like-minded clients and supply side organisations, to identify collaborative opportunities and to steer the direction of the Buildoffsite work programme.

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Benefits of Membership

Membership benefits include:

Promoting Offsite Construction: Members will benefit from inclusion in Buildoffsite promotional activities in support of offsite construction methods

Participating in Direction Group Meetings: Direction meetings provide regular opportunities to meet with other members and guests, to present their company’s business activities and intentions, review the work programmes that are underway and to be among the first to hear about developments that will have commercial implications for offsite clients and suppliers.

Hosting and attending Discovering Offsite Tours: Hosted by individual members Discovering Offsite Tours provide an opportunity for members to promote products, services and project achievements to other members and invited guests.

Participating at Member to Member Events: Members and their personal guests can attend these popular business to business and networking events. Members also have the opportunity to present and to exhibit.

Themed Events: Members are invited to attend themed events and to exhibit where possible

Masterclasses: Opportunities for members wishing to host masterclass sessions to present innovative developments to the Buildoffsite Membership and guests

Knowledge Sharing: Opportunities to share knowledge and views on significant developments and opportunities with leading industry thinkers and decision takers

Connecting with Key Decision Takers: Opportunities to meet with Key industry, Government and other stakeholders

Buildoffsite Yearbook: Members are encouraged to provide Case Studies featuring their innovative projects enabled by offsite solutions for inclusion in the Yearbook. The widely circulated Yearbook promotes details of all member organisations.

Buildoffsite Website: Details of Members are promoted on the Website

Buildoffsite Newsletter: Members are encouraged to contribute material on projects and other activities for the Newsletter which is emailed to thousands of subscribers

Client Briefing Sessions: Opportunities for the Membership to meet with leading l clients and to review their investment proposals for new investments and offer advice on construction solutions that would offer value to the client.

Hubs: Opportunities to participate in Hubs set up to focus Buildoffsite efforts to promote increased take up of offsite construction methods in key client sectors of the industry

Member to Member Networking: Members are encouraged and supported by the Secretariat to connect with other Members in support of business opportunities, collaboration and innovation

Membership Fees

Initial membership contributions are based on a simple model and member organisations annual turnover:

Size Turnover Buildoffsite contribution
Small up to £10m £5,000 + VAT
Medium £10 to £100m £10,000 + VAT
Large £100m and over £15,000 + VAT


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