Offsite survey

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Offsite Construction Industry Survey 2006

In 2006, the UK market for off-site construction continued to grow rapidly as more and more clients and contractors recognised the benefits that going off-site can deliver in terms of quality, predictability, sustainability and health and safety.

In the UK the supply base for the offsite industry comprises a highly diverse and disparate range of technologies and systems producers. buildoffsite recognised that, in order to achieve its aim of growing the offsite sector, it was imperative that the offsite industry could measure itself in terms of its overall contribution to the UK’s GDP, and to better understand the depth and breadth of this highly fragmented supply base.

Based on this need, buildoffsite commissioned Mtech Group, with the support of Loughborough University, to research the supply side of the off-site marketplace to identify in a structured manner the overall size and make up of offsite activity in the UK.

The Off-site Construction Industry Survey 2006 (researched by Mtech Group, with the support of Loughborough University) shows, possibly for the first time, the size and diversity of the offsite sector. The report categorises the off-site sector into different technology and system typologies, and identifies the estimated UK turnover for each of these categories and estimates for growth.

The survey reports that the total size of the off-site sector (including innovative, mature and the specific project [unique] offsite) may have been as high as £6bn in 2006 based on the data available to the research team. The report concludes that this figure may be even higher as there is a substantial element of off-site activity within many large construction projects, particularly in some civil engineering developments, that remain unrecorded.

The off-site supply chain is a dynamic and fast developing market. Typical of a growing and relatively immature market of this nature, suppliers are constantly entering (and in some cases leaving) the market place, and it will therefore be necessary to refresh the directory and the database on a regular basis, to ensure that buildoffsite members and the wider construction community can be kept up-to-date.

The key underlying message is that the market for innovative offsite solutions is growing rapidly with almost all sub-sectors reporting double digit growth.

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