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The construction industry, which encompasses building and civil engineering as well as new build, refurbishment and repair, accounts for more than 8% of UK GDP.

The industry incorporates a wide range of market sectors, which have distinct identities, client and funder requirements, specialist constructors and supply chains. Some sectors are also subject to regulation by statutory bodies.

Buildoffsite believes that all sectors of the industry can benefit from an approach to construction that is based on the increased use of offsite methods to deliver client value and to minimise waste. However, we also recognise that in order to encourage stakeholders to rethink the design, construction and maintenance processes and to support the case for offsite solutions needs to reflect the specific interests of that particular sector.

To progress the rapid uptake of offsite solutions Buildoffsite believes that there is value in trialling the concept of Hubs to progress the offsite agenda within distinct sectors having regard to their specific characteristics and needs. These Hubs will drive the offsite agenda in those sectors where there is a clear scope for knowledge sharing, client pressure for change and opportunities for the replication of innovative practices plus of course an enthusiasm from Buildoffsite Members to work in this way.

To date, Buildoffsite has developed industry-led Hubs in the Water and Rail and Residential sectors. Other Buildoffsite Hubs may be established in due course subject to Member interest and the availability of resources to organise and manage the respective work programmes. Each of the Hubs will report to the Buildoffsite Executive and Buildoffsite will retain strategic oversight. The work programmes for the Hubs will be determined by those champions from industry who are participating in the particular Hub.

We believe that this approach offers substantial benefits to drive the offsite agenda based on enlightened self-interest from clients and from the specialist suppliers who wish to win work in these sectors. Other Hubs are likely to be set up once the model has been proven.

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