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Total Flow is a consultancy that specialises in whole system performance improvement. We educate, inspire, transform and disrupt. We’re acknowledged as thought leaders in our approach to product and process design, operational performance, supply chain management, customer satisfaction and lean enterprise Within Buildoffsite, Total Flow has three overlapping goals:

  • to build one or more client-led consortia with design and construction capability to deliver innovative propositions utterly compelling to planning authorities, clients and end users

    to support existing supply chains to identify and remove systemic cost, aligning their capability to the expectations of the client. The net result being the elimination of typically 30 per cent wasted resource

    to enable off-site manufacturers to industrialise their operational capability: Designing and developing products and manufacturing processes which achieve exceptional performance, reliability and cost. Reducing leadtimes by 75 per cent, with a 30 per cent increase in productivity and 20 per cent cost down.

    We have a highly skilled and versatile team of improvement professionals, who’ve operated at director level in the corporate world and dealt personally with the competitive issues you face.

    Our services include education, consulting, change facilitation and training for companies that are ready to pursue innovation through every part of their value chain. It’s a recipe for success that has made Total Flow one of the fastest growing and most inventive consulting organisations in the world.