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ela8 is a specialist R&D tax relief consultancy with clients ranging from large FTSE 100 international groups to small startup companies. ela8 most often puts together the whole R&D tax claim, covering both the technical justification and costing side, but can also supply just advice. Usually a claim is done on a contingent basis, where our fees are agreed to be a percentage of what is finally agreed with HMRC – effectively a no-win no-fee situation.

Before starting ela8 in early 2007, Gareth Edwards was a director of the award winning Deloitte R&D tax services group. Although an expert in the R&D tax legislation, his background is in technology with over 25 years of industrial R&D experience. It is this expertise that enables ela8 to provide the insights into eligibility that many accounting firms find difficult to achieve. ela8 have already made successful claims for a number of clients in the off-site construction industry.