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Introduction to Danfoss

Danfoss Climate Solutions offer energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions that enable sustainable development in commercial and residential buildings as well as cold chains, industrial applications, and infrastructure. Backed by our advanced components, systems and software, we are actively engineering tomorrow’s HVACR technology with a focus on:

Energy-efficient solutions for a sustainable future
As your technology partner in the sustainable transformation, we help you achieve greater energy efficiency with innovative, reliable solutions—so you can do more with less.

World-class expertise anchored in local knowhow
Our engineers and experts around the world have deep application knowledge, insights, and support to share with you—along with frontline knowledge of local and global legislation.

Integrated solutions for optimised HVACR systems
Build smart, connected, and optimized HVACR systems with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. We are driven by future-proof innovation to provide integrated solutions.

Heating solutions

As a market leader within residential and commercial heating and district energy, Danfoss Climate Solutions delivers highly efficient end-to-end solutions for single buildings or entire cities.

These solutions increase comfort in our homes and offices while reducing energy use. And they enable intelligent heating infrastructure that integrates renewables and recycles waste heat.

Cooling solutions
As a front-runner in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, Danfoss Climate Solutions develops cooling solutions that are precise and energy efficient in order to minimize environmental impact.

Intelligent cooling solutions with natural refrigerants that keep food at safe temperatures from farm to fork, improve comfort and reduce emissions.