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Since the formation of Bryden Wood in 1995, we have been striving to change the construction industry. Our aim is to transform it into a product-based, integrated, design-lead industry. We believe that this can be achieved without any compromise in aesthetic merit, architectural integrity or functional performance.

To achieve this goal, we have a truly multi-disciplinary workforce, consisting of architects, product designers and engineers specialising in advanced low energy structural and environmental design, software writers, building information modellers and factory-based constructors. Increasingly, the distinction between these disciplines is being blurred, as we continually refine the process of fully integrating and co-ordinating design through to fabrication.

On projects where we perform a partial service, our unique offering makes us better informed in all areas. We are happy to work collaboratively with other design professionals, and well equipped to communicate with manufacturers and suppliers. Our commitment to transform the construction industry has culminated in running our own construction facility, providing us with the capacity to build and test low embodied energy structures in timber, high c ement replacement concrete and low weight steel. This facility produces Bryden Wood’s EcoCanopy building system, as well as other buildings, prototypes and products for the construction industry. By investing in our own developments (including research and development of systems) we are able to demonstrate not only our commitment to put into practice our ideals, but also to experience for ourselves the true financial and practical implications of what we are trying to achieve.

The factor common to all aspects of our work is that we aim to drive efficiency and value through bringing a construction logic into the design process. Our ultimate aim is to instigate a new integrity in architectural design and construction.