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BIMobject was founded in 2011 in Malmo, Sweden, where it still has its corporate HQ. In 2013, the company won the prestigious Global Red Herring award for innovative technology. At the beginning of 2014, BIMobject became a PLC and is reported via the public company list on the NASDAQ OMX.

As of January 2018, BIMobject has subsidiary companies across Europe, the USA, Hong Kong and Japan – with around 150 direct employees, 50% of whom are focused in development. In addition, there are development and commercial partners in European, EMEA and Pacific Rim locations.

Our core service is to provide a secure hosting platform in the cloud, for BIM models of manufactured items from building product manufacturers in the Construction Industry. Development of this unique platform and associated tools has enabled BIMobject to become the global leader in its field, with a market position close to 10 times its nearest competitor.

This core service has been adapted to produce project clouds (with controlled access to client or project specific data). Bespoke configuration of project clouds is the basis of the BIMobject Hercules solution for Construction Industry clients, consultants and contractors.

Hercules is a unique Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud-based Content Management System. Content is a mix of geometric, structured and unstructured data, and the solution provides a means of creating and storing this to specific client requirements. Management is the way by which access to the content is controlled, along with an understanding of how the content is being used and by whom.