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Berkeley Modular is a newly-formed company, founded to produce a volumetric modular housing solution for the Berkeley Group.

From its purpose-built, technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Northfleet, Kent, the company’s highly skilled workforce will produce a range of modular housing products designed to the same high specification and excellent build standards that customers demand from the Berkeley Group.

To achieve this, Berkeley Modular is undertaking in-depth research in order to deliver a modular housing product which is high quality, high performing, highly comfortable and which delivers an improved correlation between design intent and the performance of the built product.

Berkeley Modular is investing to create a volumetric modular manufacturing facility which will provide system flexibility so as not to limit architectural freedom, and which will support lean manufacturing principles integrated with advanced manufacturing technologies to support true design for manufacture and assembly to ensure the new facility operates efficiently.

The ultimate aim is to create a product solution and manufacturing process that is controllable, scaleable and productive.

Construction work is about to start at the new facility, and the company will be looking to recruit a host of full-time, directly employed permanent staff, as well as apprentices. Currently, Berkeley Modular is developing links with key recruitment partners and colleges in the local geography to ensure that it recruits a highly-motivated workforce to support its vision.