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alinea was born on 9 May 2013, based on a firm belief that there is a better and more personal way to help clients deliver projects, with a strong and unencumbered focus on costs.

Located in the centre of London but with an ability to work anywhere in the world we trade as a Limited Liability Partnership, with a philosophy of equality between the seven partners. It is fully self-funded and independent, with a robust business plan. We have made significant investment in people and infrastructure, with a vision to create a stable and long-term proposition.

We have a culture of inclusivity and respect – this means we will attract, choose and retain the best, developing our community to become a firm where everyone represents the brains of the business. We are concentrating on our core service: cost consultancy, and making sure we become the best in that field.

Our focus is on clients and projects – we deploy senior, experienced people who really care! We have an established infrastructure which includes technical manuals of best practice, cost planning/BIM measure capability, and a staff handbook.

We are already at a critical mass of 95 people including 21 Partners and are growing in accordance with our business plan. However, our focus is on quality of service, with repeat work and growth a by-product of this.

Our three core values are simply:

Excellence | clever solutions from innovative thinking and smart systems

Teamwork | the best people working together, and with our clients

Trust | through an evident integrity and an eagerness to exceed expectations