B2B collaboration

Photo © Laing O'Rourke

Buildoffsite encourages business-to-business collaboration and networking within the Membership. This is a tangible benefit of Membership; as well as a stimulus to innovation within the offsite community in support of economic growth and enhanced client value.

Our organisation has a wide Membership from across the construction industry client and supply chain communities. This spread of Members with a shared commitment to deliver step change in product and process delivery provides a strong base for sharing ideas and opportunities, and in developing commercial relationships.

Buildoffsite encourages its Members to network and to get to know each other, enabling them to identify opportunities to work together. We provide regular opportunities for Members to meet to share ideas, and to look for possible partners in new business and technical ventures.

It follows that the more a Member participates in Buildoffsite activities and events, the more opportunities there are to build contacts and identify opportunities for collaboration.

The formal opportunities for Members to meet each other on a regular basis include Direction Group meetings, Discovering Offsite Events, Hub meetings, Member to Member Events and themed conferences organised by Buildoffsite and our partner organisations.

Members are actively encouraged to share information on their projects and other achievements for promotion through the Newsletter, through the Yearbook, through speaking at events and through agreeing to host Discovering Offsite visits. We are also open to proposals from Members for original suggestions to support the effectiveness of networking.

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