Buildoffsite International

Photo © Laing O'Rourke

Construction operates within an increasingly global village that takes for granted the free flow of skills, awareness of advances in technology, and the transferability of innovative construction processes.

Investment capital is similarly mobile with the UK widely regarded as a secure and profitable home for long term investments in construction infrastructure. The supply side – both manufacturing and services – is also attractive to international investors.

Buildoffsite has always welcomed overseas owned businesses into membership and regards this openness as essential to ensure that shared knowledge of offsite solutions is constantly informed, refreshed and updated to support the UK industry to compete effectively in domestic and international markets.

The Buildoffsite model for facilitating sustained knowledge transfer across client and supply side communities is something that has attracted interest in a number of Countries. Some have started to establish their own versions of Buildoffsite. We believe that these efforts are valuable in developing an infrastructure for international communication and collaboration in support of global recognition of the business and project case for the use of offsite solutions and in support of increased trade.

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